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Posted in malaysia by chrisau on October 16, 2009

Hi Folks…. I’ve moved!!!!

Well, I have decided to try out blogspot, please click here to visit my new blog.

WordPress has been a wonderful platform for blogging with its ease of usage but however, I guess can do more with blogspot since it allows scripting.

I’m currently still updating my blogroll in the new site. Kindly bookmarked my new URL too, in your blogroll! 🙂


Station 1 Cafe

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on September 28, 2009

Well, I was feeling quite restless and tired after work last friday night and decided to have something quick while I go back and rest. And, my wife who was driving passed by this cafe and thought maybe we just have our dinner here as it’s also stressful driving around thinking of where to have dinner. To my surprise, I feel so much better after been there for about 30 minutes. There was a live performance too, where singers were performing mostly slow and popular songs from english to mandarin. The place is also partly ‘open’, thus you can enjoyed the night breeze and with the dim lights, I really feel relaxed here. Here’s what I had for dinner.

IMG_1062Salmon Steak – I like the presentation. It took a while for them to prepare the meal, probably been focusing on the outlook?


IMG_1049Here’s a quick snap of the interior. Quite a nice place for a chat, have a beer or coffee to wind down the day. This station 1 cafe is located at Taman Tun Aminah. There are few outlets in JB like Taman Molek, Bukit Indah and etc. Here’s their website.

Dynasty Dragon Restaurant, KL

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Well, I was in KL over the Hari Raya holidays to celebrate my dad-in-law’s birthday. And, after trying out the food over here in  this restaurant, I really must blog it as it’s really good! Good service, great food, nice ambience and environment and clean kitchen!  You can actually see the kitchen from outside the shopping mall, as there’s a  glass window outside which give you a good view of the kitchen. I like the concept!

Ok, here’s the food…..

IMG_0980Mini Buddha Jump Over The Wall – soup boiled with scallop, shark fins, mushrooms…etc. Gives us  the energy to makan the rest of the food …LOL

IMG_0981Crispy Suckling Piglet Skin – The skin is very crispy and it’s great to wrapped it in a pau(below) after dipping into the black plum sauce.


IMG_0984Dynasty’s Four Combinations – assorted food from the eatery.

IMG_0990Special Braised Estuary Grouper – One of the best dishes for the night. The fish meat is very tasty and fully absorbed the aroma of the gravy, which was nicely done!

IMG_0995Prawn in Superior Soup And Garlic

IMG_0996Stir Fried Lily Bulb with Ginger, Spring Onion And Mushroom

IMG_0997Stir Fried Piglet with Soya Sauce – which was cooked from the suckling piglet, after all the ‘skins’ are eaten.

IMG_1003Phoenix Golden Rice – Surprisingly, this is good too. I had two bowls of the vermicilli after all the food above! It’s so nicely fried  and delicious!

IMG_1004Sweet Fancy Duets – the yellow kuih sorta like ‘malai kou’ (cantonese) with pandan kaya spread. I love it too!

Dynasty Dragon Restaurant is located at -ES18-20 Second Floor, IOI Mall (New Wing) Puchong, Selangor


Posted in Johor Bahru,kopitiam,malaysia,toasts by chrisau on September 14, 2009

I noticed this kopitiam is always next to Breadtalk, even in Singapore,  till I realised it’s under the same management. Well, I had this during tea on a hot sunday afternoon at Sutera Mall, JB. The toast doesn’t come cheap but it’s another great experience with good kaya in crispy bread.I love it , and so as my kid.


Next, is the ‘kopi’. I witnessed the entire process of the coffee-making. Saw them putting in the coffee beans into the coffee grinder …. took out the powder, put it and stirred it in a big ‘coffee-pot’. And there goes the kopi-man, doing a few stunts of kopi-tarek until he took out the long filter and skillfully pour the coffee via the filter onto the small cup, while coffee bubbles are created.

13092009861The coffee is great…possesses nice aromatic smell and not too sweet and bitter. Just nice for me!

13092009864Here’s a look at the shop, where the decors are a bit nostalgic. Very typical ‘modern’ kopitiams indeed.

Don’t know what to eat…so, we went to Let’s Eat Restaurant

Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on September 7, 2009
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It’s been raining lately and rather hard to go around looking around for good food. And, since we are at Tesco Plentong running our errands, I thought it’s a good idea to check out nearby Taman Molek. And, we are back in Let’s Eat Restaurant which is a HK type of eatery.


If you happened to be there, do try their H.K. fried chicken. It’s very crispy and delicious. Dipped it in the sauce and you can’t help finishing the entire plate of appetizer! Cost – RM8.90

05092009854I had Beef with Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice. The beef slices are tender, slightly wet with gravy and it’s really quite a big bowl. I was very full after I finished the bowl. Cost – RM6.90

05092009853Their French Fried Rice is quite good and it’s also a big serving. It’s more likely catered to two persons. Cost – RM8.90

05092009856This is something special to me, Honey Chrysanthemum tea. It’s came with a nice presentation of four small glassy tea cups. Good for digestion and relax the night away.


I had a Hong Kong style Tea too, which is popular in HK restaurant. Cost – RM2.50


Another attraction of this eatery is that they have wi-fi, thus you can sip the coffee or tea while surfing!

Let’s Eat Restaurant is located at – 23, Jalan Molek 2/3, Taman Molek.

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