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Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on September 24, 2007

woah…what a weekend! I had crabs again in Nusa Bestari, a place in between Tampoi and Taman Perling, JB. This restaurant, which has another competitor just operates besides them, was usually jam packed during evening on weekends. My Crab restaurant

What interest me is they served crabs at very affordable prices from Rm8.80 a plate, and unlike most restaurants, they never go by kg/price. They served a variety of flavours namely, salted-eggs crabs, black-pepper crabs, sweet and sour crabs and nyonya crabs. I tried nyonya crabs but I still find salted-eggs crabs better!

They also served good seafood and curry fish head but the attractions are still the crabs, at least to me.

I give it a 3.5 out of 5 ratings.

Then, on sunday, I tried a newly opened kopitiam in Taman Permas Jaya called ‘Grandpa kopitiam’.

Well, the kopi ok lah….not too bad while I also had kaya toast! mmm…i simply loved kaya toast in the morning with good kopi! So nice……….!

After breakfast, shopped around City Square and stumbled across Stonegrill, which opened an outlet there. I usually patronised the older outlet in Pelangi Plaza. And, well, here’s lunch!!

The outlet was at the basement of the shopping centre and their specialty was to serve food grilled on hot stone ( or maybe, iron). You can have sirloin steak, chicken chop, fish fillet and etc but all of these will be served raw while awaiting it to be cooked on the black iron/stone. I love to put some sauce like black pepper sauce on it while it was ‘cooking’ and sizzling!

Anyway, in case you don’t like western food, there’s also soupy stuffs like tom yam bee hoon or seafood bee hoon, which was also not cooked when served and you have to wait until the hot iron below heats it up!

Well, I give this 3.5 of of 5.

That’s it for another adventurous makan outing and do excuse me for the low res pics which are taken with my phone cam 🙂


International fireworks competition in Putrajaya

Posted in fireworks,Putrajaya,Uncategorized by chrisau on September 20, 2007

This is a bit history….I was at Putrajaya around end-August to check out the fireworks competition which was held daily for two weeks then. I was actually viewing this from afar at the side of the highway, since we are late and not allowed to drive in, to the convention centre. Well, the ‘show’ that I witnessed was by the italian team. Here are some amateurish pictures I’ve taken.

This is a notable one, a love shape fireworks:


While this is a star shape formation:


And the rest…… it really lits up the night sky:


This is where it all started, the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. I manage to snap a nightshot of it.cc.jpg

Last but not least, this is the link to the event.

Photos taken with PowerShot A630, mode=SCN (fireworks)

discover new kopitiam…

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisau on September 17, 2007

I like to go around having nice coffees around JB and my sis-in-law happened to introduce this one to me.

It’s in Taman Pelangi and besides the usual half-boiled eggs with kaya toast (of course, not forgetting the kopi), this kopitiam also offers Penang food. Anyway, too bad their asam laksa was not prepared on that saturday I went to, but I still savour some nice char kuay teow!

And not forgetting the kopi too……


I didn’t really try all the food though, as it was my first time there. Anyway, I give it three out of five ratings, for now 🙂

Tremors felt!

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This is the second time I felt tremors and both times I was in the office. It was coming to 7pm and suddenly I felt dizzy and I thought I was kind of tired or stress out and it’s time to call it a day. However, my colleague also felt the same and I assume it’s likely tremors!

I took a bus back home later and it was confirmed on the news! A powerful earthquake strike Sumatra with around 8.5 on the Richter scale!


Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisau on September 5, 2007

Hi! Welcome to my blog. This is my first post and I am kinda latecomer here since blogs has already existed for a while. Nevertheless, it’s my turn to start blogging!!! 🙂

Well, if you asked what I plan to blog ..hmm…. it would be about places that I went to, especially in Malaysia, as I love to travel around during weekends! Not forgetting introducing nice food spots, IT stuffs that I’m interested in and financial planning. Don’t misunderstand me anyway, I’m darn new to financial planning but would love to share some good articles that I read before.