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discover new kopitiam…

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisau on September 17, 2007

I like to go around having nice coffees around JB and my sis-in-law happened to introduce this one to me.

It’s in Taman Pelangi and besides the usual half-boiled eggs with kaya toast (of course, not forgetting the kopi), this kopitiam also offers Penang food. Anyway, too bad their asam laksa was not prepared on that saturday I went to, but I still savour some nice char kuay teow!

And not forgetting the kopi too……


I didn’t really try all the food though, as it was my first time there. Anyway, I give it three out of five ratings, for now 🙂


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  1. charm said,

    looks yummy.. but a little too far for S’poreans!! 😛
    May i suggest you buy some food back for us in Eunos!!!

  2. L.Guapo said,

    i like jb, msia. i like the food there. i like the currency exchange rate there. although it’s hard to find people who speaks english… i lika..do the cha cha in jb,msia.

  3. chrisau said,

    ok ok … will find a way to ‘tah pau’ some good food back….

    Guapo: what cha cha cha in JB? what tok you???

  4. redchili said,

    Yalor, I also wonder what cha cha?
    Kok tsing here

    why must put email one, so mafan…

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