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International fireworks competition in Putrajaya

Posted in fireworks,Putrajaya,Uncategorized by chrisau on September 20, 2007

This is a bit history….I was at Putrajaya around end-August to check out the fireworks competition which was held daily for two weeks then. I was actually viewing this from afar at the side of the highway, since we are late and not allowed to drive in, to the convention centre. Well, the ‘show’ that I witnessed was by the italian team. Here are some amateurish pictures I’ve taken.

This is a notable one, a love shape fireworks:


While this is a star shape formation:


And the rest…… it really lits up the night sky:


This is where it all started, the Putrajaya International Convention Centre. I manage to snap a nightshot of it.cc.jpg

Last but not least, this is the link to the event.

Photos taken with PowerShot A630, mode=SCN (fireworks)


3 Responses to 'International fireworks competition in Putrajaya'

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  1. redchili said,

    walau eh, u went all the way up just for fireworks?

    If I still in KL, I think I will go too.
    so nice, a lot fireworks shows there

  2. chrisau said,

    sure …. sure ….. don’;t just stuck in Sg and JB…. go around !!!

  3. rub3lyn said,

    nice shots! you did those using your cam? not bad.. =P

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