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Posted in coffee,food,Johor Bahru,kopitiam,malaysia,steamboats,toasts by chrisau on October 8, 2007

I love steamboats! It’s especially nice to have a steamboat dinner on a cold rainy day or on friday nights, where you can wind down after a long week. Just slowly put the mushrooms, chicken slices, fish meat, prawns, cabbages, fish balls, sotongs (cuttlefish) onto the hot boiling fragrance soup for a few minutes. Then, dipped it onto ‘homemade’ chilli sauce and you have a nice, great, pleasant time!!


There are a few nice affordable steamboats restaurants in JB and one of them is Yummy Steamboat, which is also a favourite haunt among Singaporeans, in Taman Pelangi. ym4.jpg

The food are packed in small plates, ala-carte style, where you can just grab as many as you can ( but it’s not buffet).


Like Japanese sushi belts, the price of each plates are charged accordingly to its colour. I simply like their homemade chilli.

Another place that I like to recommend is the Food and Tea restaurants, which has two outlets in JB ,at the Jaya Jusco’s shopping centres in Permas Jaya and Tebrau City. Like any Hong Kong style restaurant, they offered stuffs like ‘po loh’ pau, ‘yin yang’ (coffee mixed with tea), Nissin noodles, fried rice, chinese desserts, fruit juices and etc. I had a bowl of their recommended Nissin noodles with egg and ham and ying yang. Check this out…


Kopitiams are almost a necessity for me for breakfast and usually I wouldn’t missed out OldTown Kopitiams. The outlets seems to be growing at an ‘alarming’ fast rate! (which i believed it will overtake KFC and McDonalds soon :)) Though, not all the outlets are good and I only found those at  the Permas Jaya Jusco and Tebrau City, which lived up to the standards.


Besides offering the usual half-boiled eggs and kaya toasts, these kopitiams has an Ipoh taste (where it orginates from actually, as well as myself :)) . They have food like the famous Ipoh Hor Fun and Ipoh White Coffee. And, I had these over the last Sunday…


Just go and try it out!!!


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  1. redchili said,

    Food and Tea no so good…
    dun go unless you really got no choice…

  2. raveek said,

    Good info. But can publish some info related to Indian food.

  3. chrisau said,

    Sure, but I guess SG’s Little India have more tasty indian food than JB. Maybe can try Brickfields in KL next time.

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