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breakfast at yew’s cafe

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on November 21, 2007


Perhaps one of the best places to dine in Jb is Yew’s cafe. Affordable, pleasant and relaxing, it has three outlets in JB like Taman Molek, Taman Perling and around JB town centre. They offered a mixed of western and oriental food which includes japanese sushis. The best things I like about this place are their freshly brewed coffee (below), good services and relaxing jazz music.


I usually patronised the Taman Molek outlet for their breakfast which served until 11.30am. There’s a few breakfasts set to choose from, and I usually go for their Yew’s Breakfast set which consists of sausages, scrambled eggs, vegetables salad, beans, toasts, ham and not forgetting their coffee, which is one of the best that I’ve ever tried.yew2.jpg

It’s really a heavy breakfast set and you may opt to go for a light lunch after this. And, what a good sat or sun to begin with, by having a great breakfast!


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