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Kitaro – Live In Genting (Love and Peace Tour Concert) – 1/12/2007

Posted in Genting,Kitaro,malaysia by chrisau on December 5, 2007

I had a great time in Genting last weekend watching Kitaro’s concert! As a long time fan of Kitaro, this only renewed my interest in his music where I almost bought all his albums back in the mid- 90s. I was seated near the stage, almost 4-5 rows away and to the right. Well, the sound of his taiko drum was so loud that my heart almost fell out, especially when he’s playing Matsuri !! It was really a great night especially since this is the first time I saw him in real person and …. of course, performing! And, the cool climate in Genting adds up to a wonderful night.

Too bad, my point and shoot camera has it’s limitation and I can only get pictures of the below quality:-


Kitaro will be performing in Singapore Indoor Stadium on 6 Dec 2007. Anyway, I found a great site which contained some high resolution pictures – Oddstuff Picture Gallery

Here’s an article on the concert review by The Star Paper:-

Kitaro thrills with his brand of New Age music

Blowing his horn: Kitaro playing a traditional instrument at his concert in Genting Highlands yesterday.

GENTING HIGHLANDS: He arrived, mesmerised and called it a night. That’s what acclaimed Japanese musician Kitaro did when he wowed 6,000 fans at the Arena of Stars here yesterday.

The 54-year-old self-taught musician had the audience spellbound with his brand of East-meets-West contemplative, New Age music.

Not a word did he speak till the end but his music was enough to keep the audience thrilled.

Playing 12 pieces including Silk Road, Hajimari, Koi, Kokoro part 2 and Taiko-Oasis, Kitaro who is here with his five-member entourage as part of his Love and Peace Tour 2007, was every bit entertaining.

Quivering with passion, he melodiously played the traditional flute, synthesiser, drums and even howled like a werewolf.

There were some technical glitches that caused the sound system to act up but despite this, the crowd went wild when he started playing the popular Matsuri.

For some, it was probably the only tune they recognised judging from the thunderous applause.

Kitaro, whose real name is Masanori Takahashi, was nominated twice for a Grammy and his soundtrack (for the movie Heaven & Earth) won a 1994 award for best original score.

His biggest musical success was the Grammy Award 2001 for his album Thinking of You. To date, he has cut 35 albums.

As the two-hour concert drew to a close, Kitaro finally took the microphone and said:

“In this world, there are a lot of problems but we can take care of it?isn’t it? Say Yes!” To which, the crowd responded with a resounding “Yes!”.

The night concluded when he paid tribute to Anita Mui by dedicating an old Chinese hit called The Light of the Spirit.

“May the light follow her to heaven,” said an emotional Kitaro before wrapping up with another number and a standing ovation. – The STAR

Here’s his biography:-

The legendary musician has defined new age music with his unique East-meets-West style… – The Sun, Entertainment Column dated 29th Mar 2000

By the way, Kitaro will be performing at Genting again on 7 March 2009.

1953 Kitaro was born in 1953 as Masanori Takahashi in Toyohasi, Japan. His parents were shintoistic farmers. In high school, he loved Soul and Rhythm & Blues. He learned playing electric guitar and performed with his band “Albatross” on parties and in clubs. “Kitaro” was named by his friends after a Japanese TV cartoon character.
1972 Kitaro musical direction changed when he visited Europe and met Klaus Schulze, the innovative German synthesis from Tangerine Dream. In the early seventies, he switched to keyboards and formed the Far East Family Band, released two albums of progressive rock that was a rough form of impressionistic music that would become his signature style.
1978 Kitaro started on his own solo career. “Astral Voyage”, his debut album was released, a story about a man in the universe rendered in sound, it was called “mind music” by critics.
1981 Kitaro’s second album was “Full Moon Story”. This was followed by the first of several soundtracks which Kitaro did for “Silk Road” a series on Japanese National TV (NTV).
1982 / 1983 Kitaro scored the sci-fi animated movie “Queen Millenia”, toured Japan and released ‘The World Of Kitaro” with the London National Philharmonic. Released “Silver Cloud”.
1984 Performed throughout Asia and recorded “Asia Live in Shanghai” during the tour.
1985 / 1986 Kitaro signed up with Greffen Records. His first Greffen release was “Towards The West” followed immediately by “Tenku” – a reflection of Kitaro’s meditation on childhood, and the release of his six earlier albums. Under the Greffen label, Kitaro was able to penetrate the American market. His album, “The Light of the Spirit” was co-produced with Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), featured an array of American musicians and included instruments such as the harmonica and for the first time, the human voice.
1987 By then, Kitaro has sold 10,000,000 albums worldwide.
1988 “Ten Years”, a double album collection of Kitaro’s greatest hits was released. Kitaro’s single, “The Field” from “The Light of the Spirit was nominated for a Grammy.
1993 / 1994 Kitaro’s soundtrack for the movie “Heaven & Earth” won a Golden Globe award. After “Heaven & Earth”, he worked on the soundtrack for “The Soong Sisters”.
1998 His “Gaia Onbashira”, inspired by the extraordinary festival in Nagano, Japan was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best New Age Performance category.
1999 Shifted over to Domo Records label. His latest album “Thinking of You” was released. Kitaro notes, “You in the title of this album signifies people who close to me, people who have passed away or those who have gone far away from me. On this release, I tried to speak to each one of them in musical expression”. The concept came to Kitaro when a water pipe at his house burst, ruining one of his most prized possessions, his piano. “I loved that piano so much. To me, it was human. As I thought about the instrument, I began thinking deeply and fondly of my friends and family..”, Kitaro added “I consciously reduced the complexity of the music to return to a more simple sound. I feel I’ve returned to the time when I first started making music”. The cover of this album featured a shot of his piano.
Present Today, Kitaro lives outside Boulder/Colorado USA on a 180-acre spread and composes his latest songs in his 2500 sq ft home studio “Mochi House” which is large enough to hold a 70-piece orchestra.

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  1. Sheila said,

    There is a japanese restaurant in the Philippines named Kitaro. Maybe he is the owner of that restaurant or maybe a fan of Kitaro. 🙂

  2. chrisau said,

    well, maybe….anyway, i understand that japs restaurants are abundant in philipines!!!

  3. Angel said,

    Kitaro’s music accompanies my life for 25 years. I have his entire discography except CD “Live in Budokan.” To pay tribute to the music sublime KITARO, I created a site.
    Here is a link: http://jelaly.spaces.live.com/.
    I dream of seeing you one day in concert.

  4. chrisau said,

    wow…angel. you do really have a great collections of his CDs. I used to collect his albums in cassettes like Kojiki, Heaven n Earth, Live in America, Dreams, Light of the Spirit, Mandala, An Enchanted Evening and The Silk Road but these cassettes are no longer working. I also videos in Kojiki and Enchanted evening but it’s also spoilt.

    Right now, I only have CDs in Mandala, The best of Kitaro II and Thinking of you. I might get some of his old CDs soon.

  5. Angel said,

    I am sorry for my poor English, I do not speak English. Thank you very much for your reply. The music of KITARO has a big place in my life. It has become the refuge of my life ……………..
    I send you all my love from my little village in France.

  6. Jiang Xi said,

    Hi, thot i can share with you some photos i saw at http://oddstuff.smugmug.com/gallery/3922111 – looks like pro gallery

  7. Jiang Xi said,

    oops, i so sorry – i saw u hv already listed the site… sorry

  8. chrisau said,

    Thanks Jiang Xi!!!

  9. poypogi said,

    a pic of kitaro blowing his horn, eh brah? not a big fan, but good for you =)

  10. chrisau said,

    im back with kitaro’s music…..just bought two of his album, including the latest one!

  11. celyn said,

    when will kitaro’s held for another music in m’sia

  12. chrisau said,

    uhh…celyn…i’m not sure. the last time he came was 2004.

  13. Hi. I happened upon your website while I was searching for something completely unrelated. While I don’t agree with everything you said we do have almost the same viewpoints for the most part. I’ve bookmarked your website and may visit again in the near future to see what you’re writing about in 2010!

  14. What happens during astral take a trip

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