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feng Lai restaurant in Taman Molek

Posted in dim sum,taiwanese food by chrisau on February 25, 2008

Taman Molek is one place that I always love to go for a decent meal, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner. The place is not famous for food but rather it’s a high class living environment with expensive condominiums, terrace houses and of course, gated bungalows. And, the cafes, bistros, restaurants were also furnished luxuriously. Some of these ‘makan’ places includes Yew’s Cafe, Lavender Bistro, Bubur Sedap (Porridge), Ajisen Ramen, Kim Kopitiam, Auntie Lim kopitiam and etc.

I patronised feng Lai restaurant, which served Hong Kong dim sum and Taiwanese food in Taman Molek.

I like the Hong Kong dim sum very much especially the ‘siew mai’ and ‘chee cheong fun’. I believe it was cooked with a little white wine and it’s one of the best ‘siew mai’ I’ve ever tried in Malaysia and Singapore. The chee cheong fun also taste differently from the typical ones I’ve ever had, and again, there’s this taste of white wine. The char siew pau is above average but not as special. Still, it’s very appetizing to eat it together with the rest of the dim sum.

image050.jpg image063.jpgimage068.jpg

Besides dim sum, one of their specialties is the salted vegetables fish meat ramen. It was so good that I had this ramen twice in three visits! Anyway, too bad my handphone camera only takes 2 mpx pictures, else I’m very sure it look appetizing to you too!!


Well, as a coffee lover, I will never miss giving it a try. My comments are, the coffee is very ‘Hong Kong’ style! Though it’s not very hot when served, it’s still good!