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Kluang Railway Coffee

Posted in coffee,food,kopitiam,malaysia by chrisau on May 7, 2008

This kopitiam received a lot of publicity lately on Malaysian newspapers and is rated among having the best toasted bread and coffee in the country. (See my previous post). With that (after so much reading week in and week out in the Sunday papers) I decided to stop at Kluang during one of my recent trips to the seremban.

According to some of the Kluang folks, the kopitiam originated from the Kluang railway station but now they have opened a new outlet at the town centre. (as below).

Quite a crowd on a sunday afternoon

A closer look ……

The kopitiam was decorated like an old railway canteen where once you’re in, it’s as though as you’re sipping coffee while waiting for your train to arrive! It looks so nostalgic inside and I wonder if they moved some of the planks and woods from the railway station.

The interior of the kopitiam, looks like a railway canteen eh?

Now, the interesting part. I order the usual stuff, coffee and toasted bread. The coffee taste good and surprisingly and unlike other kopitiams, it comes in a large portion, in a glass. The coffee is really good with a nice, pleasant aroma, though not the best coffee I’ve ever tried. It’s good, anyway.

The kopi…

Then, the toasted bread. hmm…. sadly,I don’t have good comments on it. It just tasted ok to me, like any other toasted bread where you can find anywhere. Well, it’s ok, not too bad. It’s great to have it with the coffee. Probably, my expectations are higher, thanks to the publicity. 😉

The roti…

Anyway, heard that the nasi lemak and mee jawa are good, but I didn’t try it. Probably next time, when I stopped by the quiet and serene town of Johor, that is Kluang.


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  1. claire said,

    i think kopithiam everywhere is almost the same…same franchise…affordable…i worry about the starbucks and coffeebean corners… they get affected bec of this kopithiam.. but theirs ice blend is very nice… u cant get that in kopithiam leh..

  2. chrisau said,

    It may affect their business but they offered diff kinda of food. aiya…. u r not owners of starbuck or coffeebean…why worry? haha… The type of coffees are also very different between the both. I still like the traditional kopi.

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