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Jonker Street, Malacca – Part 2

Posted in food,malaysia by chrisau on May 28, 2008

As of any typical night markets, there are always hawker food stalls selling a variety of local specialities. I’m quite amazed with the large number of food stalls here on weekends, there’s simply too much food here and well, we are really spoilt for choices. 😀

This one below looks interesting, Laksa Mee ‘Hee Kow Mee’. I didn’t try it but the curry mee looks good! I understand ‘fish stomach’ (which are dried) are added into the curry mee.

Fresh sugarcane drinks for an hot evening, how refreshing!

Jonker Walk turns dark after sunset and that’s where the fun begins!! It’s simply great to be there at this hour! All the stalls are fully opened and not forgetting the typical gallery shops selling local and peranakan stuffs. The place is simply lits up and alive!

Malacca is famous for it’s chicken rice ball and this is the shop that you shouldn’t miss at Jonker street. The rice balls are so special and delicious, especially the fragrance and aroma of the rice. It was especially crowded at that time!

And there’s comes the light, sort of an attraction to the tourists!! Although I was sweating walking with the crowd on a hot night, It has been a great experience here. 🙂


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  1. claire said,

    wei..makes me wanna go again la to jonkers street… last time didnt see so much makan there on the road side.. if i go again, sure wanna take my kids there … maybe dec… hmmm…. can start to plan now..

  2. Raynebow said,

    Ahhh…I miss Jonker Street! I miss Melaka! I wanna revisit it soon! For the chicken rice balls, i think there’s another very famous shop, away fr Jonker Street, by the river…can’t remember the name now but we NEVER miss that whenever we’re in Melaka! I will take pics of it the next time!

  3. chrisau said,

    yup yup….but like what i mentioned, it’s only during the weekends that the night market are there. It’s great to be there…. .should go. The A’Famosa and the Stadthuys (hope I spelt correctly) are also nearby. There’s also a new attraction – Taming Sari. I post it later.

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