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Tiffins cake shop, Crowne Plaza, Mutiara KL

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What do you think of this lovely pomegranate flavour cake bought from the Tiffins in Mutiara KL? Looks good? Yes, indeed it is! Check out closer views of it.

Yummy! It’s soft and unlike other cakes, it’s not very sweet, just nice! Thanks to my bro in law who got this from KL. Here’s another one….

Well, I needed to take macro views of this Tiramisu cake cos the edge of the cake was kinda ‘defaced’. It actually dropped and part of the edge was spoilt! 😦 Look below……

The tiramisu cake seems tastier than the pomegranate one. Well, check out Tiffins, folks! The cakes cost around RM60 each. I think not too bad lah, compare to Secret Recipe.


Hong Kong seafood

Posted in food,malaysia by chrisau on June 17, 2008

Story by ANTHONY LAW (extracted from the Star Metro – 15 June)

People in Ipoh can now enjoy great Hong Kong seafood without having to leave Malaysia.YOU need not travel to Hong Kong to sample the cuisine of Cheung Ching Seafood Restaurant.

Patrons can pick whatever fish or shellfish they desire from the tanks, like this Boston lobster.

The restaurant’s master chef Sham Chung Ho, assisted by four of his cooks, is in Ipoh to cook up a storm for seafood lovers with the opening of a seafood restaurant on Jalan Hussein.

The 48-year-old Sham decided to set up the restaurant, also called Cheung Ching Seafood Restaurant, with local partner Bob Chai as managing director, only after much persuasion by Chai.

Chai said he had always wanted Sham to start a seafood restaurant that was similar to Hong Kong’s Cheung Ching, so that people in Ipoh and its surroundings can enjoy Cheung Ching’s cuisine without needing to leave the country.

“At first, Sham was not very keen but I carried on renovating the premises to convince him,” Chai recalled.

“After seeing the new premises and the establishment of the restaurant, Sham was very impressed and agreed to come here. He even brought his team of cooks with him.”

Sham, who began as a kitchen helper at the age of 13, had teamed up with his brother over a decade ago to start the popular Cheung Ching Seafood at Wan Chai district in Hong Kong.

The restaurant in Hong Kong is popular with locals there, as well as tourists and celebrities.

At Cheung Ching Seafood restaurant patrons can pick the various fish and shellfish, including geoduck, from the tanks built to store them.

Master Chef: Sham Chung Ho (left) showing the seafood dishes he personally prepared. Standing beside him is Cheung Ching Seafood Restaurant managing director Bob Chai. – Pictures by LEW YONG KAN

Among the signature dishes that Sham cooks up are baked lobster with cheese on a bed of yee mee and steamed imperial bean curd with seafood.

Another not-to-be-missed dish are the mantis prawns that were once discarded by fishermen.

Other exotic seafood includes the Mexican Geoduck clams, Japanese snail, spider crab, Australian abalone, Boston lobsters and sturgeon.

On the difference between food cooked for Hong Kong and Malaysian crowds, Sham said food for his customers in Hong Kong tasted “lighter” or less spicy.

“However, I can prepare the food according to the preference of the customers,” Sham added.

While Sham concentrates on tantalising the taste buds of his customers, Chai handles the physical setting to bring comfort to the patrons.

The restaurant’s bamboo plants, palm trees and man-made ponds, gives patrons the feeling of dining in a lush green environment.

Apart from seafood, the restaurant also serves dim sum from 6am to 2pm daily. Cheung Ching Seafood Restaurant is located at 43 Jalan Hussein, Ipoh.

Top shopping centres in KL

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Yet another informative article extracted from last week’s Sunday Star. Read on………

Shopping is a favourite pastime everywhere and the Klang Valley is a shopping haven.

1. Suria KLCC

Still a premier shopping complex, thanks to the numerous multinational companies parked in the Twin Towers next to it. It still beckons to international brands like a lodestone and is a favourite shopping haunt for the rich and the famous here.

2. Sungei Wang Plaza

More than three decades old, this is one of the most popular shopping malls in Malaysia. It attracts the younger generation with the latest fashion trends and unbelievably low prices. Those who want to keep up with the latest trends and not burn a hole in their pockets usually make a beeline for the small outlets here that offer anything and everything for a fraction of the price elsewhere.

3. The Pavilion

This is the latest and most posh shopping complex in the country. Here, all the international designers’ boutiques are housed under one roof. With seven storeys of shopping space and ample parking, it is no wonder that it is packed during weekends and during the mega sales carnivals that Malaysia organises for its domestic and foreign tourists.

4. Mid Valley Megamall

Much like Suria KLCC, but for the younger generation and the yuppies as not many international brands are housed here. However, it is making up for that with the introduction of its neighbour, The Gardens, which opened in late 2007.

5. One Utama

This is one shopping mall that needs no introduction and has no fear whatsoever of its competition. It is an evergreen area that still attracts shoppers, both young and old. Still expanding and with a new wing, One Utama has an added appeal to serious and matured shoppers.

6. Sunway Pyramid

This is where most mothers take their timeout while their children tire themselves out at the nearby Sunway Lagoon. It also meets the needs of most visitors and gives them an opportunity to shop and dine without having to brave the traffic jams in the Klang Valley.

7. Subang Parade

If you are not inclined to brave the KL traffic on weekends, then this is the place to head to for shopping. It offers many choices, is less of a jostle and is a favourite for Subang Jaya folks.

8. Lot 10 and Starhill

Mostly for serious shoppers, both these complexes cater to the mid-market and upmarket shoppers. They both offer plenty of choices, especially at Isetan Departmental Store, which gives its shoppers value for money and good quality products.

9. The Mall

Small but adequate to meet the needs of the expatriates who live in Bukit Tunku and Damansara. Easily accessible, it is a favourite haunt for participants of the annual UMNO Assembly that is held at the nearby Putra World Trade Centre.

10. The Curve

Top of the Charts is the best description for The Curve as this is where the yuppies and the yuppie wannabes hang out. With numerous places to hang out and watch the world go round, many head here to meet up with friends, to have a game or two of bowling and shop.

My favourite top five songs…..

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No.1 – Two Tribes (Frankie Goes to Hollywood)
I just keep on playing and replaying this song in my early teens. Listening to it on my non-branded ‘Walkman’ or mini cassette player, the song is just too infectious, especially they remixed it with so many versions. In addition, since this song topped the British charts then, I was renting ‘Top of the Pops’ from the video shop (videotape, of course la…)

No.2 – The Wild Boys (Duran Duran)
My favourite band!! Wild Boys is their best ever single and released during their height of popularity.

No.3 – Do they know it’s Christmas time (Band Aid)
Before ‘We are the world’, this is the first song recorded in the 80s for charity. British singers are popular then, and big names like George Michael, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Bananarama, Sting, Phil Collins..etc etc… all came together to record this number. What a mega hit!!

No. 4 – Thriller (Michael Jackson)
Need not say more…..he’s the undisputed king of pop! The music video was cool (then). This is the first time I ever saw a lengthy music video in one videotape…and not forgetting the dance moves by the zombies. 😀

No. 5 – My heart will go on (Celine Dion)
I’m not as crazy in pop songs as compare to my teen years, but somehow this song leaves a deep impression of that fateful Titanic in most of us. I remember I have a tough time getting the CD, it’s sold out after the movie was released.

Taming Sari viewing tower

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I was going for supper after a long Jonker Street walk with my family and was passing by between the Stadthuys and A’Famosa sites to cross over to the newly open Newton foodcourt and suddenly I noticed a ‘saucer’ slowly rose up. Ok, this is no UFO blog….

Later I realized there’s a new attraction in Melaka town, which was the Taming Sari viewing tower. It stands at 110m and gave a bird eye 360 degree view of Melaka town.

A view of the gyro-viewing tower nearby

Visitors ready for a seven minutes ride up ….

The tickets are charge at Rm10 per person. Of course, we didn’t try it as we were too hungry already and went straight to the Newton food village. ( as below)