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Seafood trail

Posted in food,malaysia,seafood by chrisau on July 15, 2008

Another great article from The Sunday Star’s Metro, which features lots of makan information.  Here’s a directory of the top seafood outlets in the country.

1. La-La Chong Seafood Restaurant, Subang, Selangor

Located right across the Subang Abdul Aziz Shah Airport Terminal 3, in Subang, Selangor, La-La Chong is truly famous for their seafood and as the name indicates, don’t forget to have a mussel dish, especially the la-la drenched in a wine stock.

2. Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

This restaurant serves great Halal food which include Steamfish Thai Style, Pucuk Paku Salad, Deep Fried Sotong and Stir-fried Lotus Root with Dried Cuttlefish. They are located at No.50, 52 & 54, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

3. Unique Seafood Restaurant, Klang Valley

This chain of four restaurants, namely in Section 13, Petaling Jaya, the Pantai Seafood Restaurant in Kayu Ara, Unique Fisherman in Cheras and the latest, Unique Seafood in Setapak are famous for their signature dishes such as Fresh Water Prawns in Golden Superior Soup, Baked Oyster with Cheese, Fried Kailan in Two Varieties and Baked Meat Crab with Salted Egg. Not to be missed!

4. Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant, Danga Bay, Johor

Overlooking the bay, this outlet provides the right ambience to enjoy seafood and it also serves the crustaceans at their best – steamed, pan-fried and cooked in tasty sauces.

5. Bagan Seafood Village, Port Klang, Selangor

Bagan special fried crabs, butter prawns, fried oysters, glass chicken, beggar’s chicken, shark’s fin and sea coconut jelly are some of the specialities that one can look forward to when making a beeline for this seafood outlet in Bagan Hailam in Klang Selat Utara, Port Klang.

6. Tanjung Harapan Esplanade, Port Klang, Selangor

Right across the Port Klang Golf Resort, this esplanade is home to many seafood restaurants that offer the freshest and sweetest crustaceans in the best possible style of cooking, be it Asian or Western. The cool breeze from the sea and the sound of the coniferous trees swaying in the wind is enough for one to sit back and enjoy good food with fingers and unwind during the weekend.

7. East Hokkaido Seafood Restaurant, Penang

Famous for its Cheese Crabs, which are made fresh daily, this seafood restaurant is also popular for its salted egg mantis prawn, special seafood `Phoon Choy’, crab termidor, spring chicken, steamed fresh water patin fish, besides its Black Pepper Udon and Wantan Noodles with Large Prawns. They are located at 20C, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Penang.

8. Sri Mahkota Seafood Restaurant, Kuantan, Pahang

Located across the Citiview Hotel in central Kuantan, this restaurant has gained popularity for its innovative dishes such as Mongolian Lobster and tasty vegetables dishes to accompany the often heavy seafood dishes. Among the signature dishes that are must-trys are the Salted Egg Crab and the Assam Fish.

9. King Crab Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Right opposite Kelana LRT Station, this restaurant, which also has a branch at the Borneo Rainforest Café across the Sunway Hotel, is famous for their fresh seafood dishes that are prepared very simply to bring out the freshness and sweetness of the crustaceans.

10. Cheung Ching Seafood Restaurant, Ipoh, Perak

Located at 43 Jalan Hussein, this restaurant is a spin-off of the same namesake in Hong Kong. Sharing the same master chef as its parent restaurant in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Sham Chung Ho, this is seafood as the Chinese like it – fresh, succulent and well presented.


Lavender Bistro@Tebrau City

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on July 11, 2008

Hi folks…. I’m blogging on Lavender Bistro again! This time round, I’ve visited the one at Tebrau City (the biggest and most happening shopping attraction in JB now). Well, this bistro is always packed during the weekends! Like any lavender bistros, it was artistically renovated in good taste!

Looking out from the bistro

Well, there’s a mixed of oriental and western food here but since my wife and I were not very full then, we opted for vegetarian fried rice and pasta. I simply love the fried rice, it’s done in Japanese style and very delicious! With varieties of mushrooms added onto it, it’s simply appetising.

The pasta was great too! With no meat added but only vegetables and mixed with olive oil, it makes a great, healthy meal!

I always likes to have Earl Grey tea with pasta. The refreshing tea also complements the relaxing ambiance in the bistro!

new kopitiams spotted in Jb…

Posted in coffee,food,Johor Bahru,kopitiam,malaysia by chrisau on July 8, 2008

Nicely furnished, air-conditioned and touched up with a nostalgic feel type of modern kopitiams have been mushrooming in JB city lately! Probably it’s time to pay a visit to try out the kopi and kaya toasts at these outlets. I just visited one in Jalan Permas Jaya 10, called ‘The taste of life’.

Look at the interiors, if it doesn’t reminds you that you’re back in time to the 70s or 80s, at least you will feel that you are at some old villages.

Now, the food….. there’s really a lot of food you can order here but of course, quantity doesn’t meant quality. Anyway, since it’s morning, I ordered a morning breakfast set for myself while my wife had nasi lemak(coconut milk rice). The nasi lemak is great! Wrapped up in banana leaf and after heated up in the microwave, you can smell the aromatic fragrant of the rice and sambal (gravy). The banana leaf also adds up some nice aroma to it.

The kopi is good but not the best I’ve ever tried while the kaya toast looks normal but delicious, thanks to the kaya!

And here’s the American breakfast that I had. It looks like any typical western food but at least, it provides me the energy to start my saturday !! 😀

I will post more kopitiams@JB stuffs!!