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Lavender Bistro@Tebrau City

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on July 11, 2008

Hi folks…. I’m blogging on Lavender Bistro again! This time round, I’ve visited the one at Tebrau City (the biggest and most happening shopping attraction in JB now). Well, this bistro is always packed during the weekends! Like any lavender bistros, it was artistically renovated in good taste!

Looking out from the bistro

Well, there’s a mixed of oriental and western food here but since my wife and I were not very full then, we opted for vegetarian fried rice and pasta. I simply love the fried rice, it’s done in Japanese style and very delicious! With varieties of mushrooms added onto it, it’s simply appetising.

The pasta was great too! With no meat added but only vegetables and mixed with olive oil, it makes a great, healthy meal!

I always likes to have Earl Grey tea with pasta. The refreshing tea also complements the relaxing ambiance in the bistro!


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  1. Pureglutton said,

    There’re a couple of Lavender bakeries here in Klang Valley too but I haven’t actually been inside any of them! I’m not sure if they serve pasta and nasi lemak there…will try to check it out next time I pass by one.

  2. chrisau said,

    issit? thought they only branches in JB. Anyway, I do heard that they hav a branch or something in Singapore. Well, the breads and buns are not bad but around the same price as BreadTalk. They do served nasi lemak and breakfast sets.

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