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Penang food….

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on August 19, 2008

Found this great article from the Star …read on.

Penang is not only the Pearl of the Orient but a smorgasbord of food that is both enticing and satisfying. Look out for the clusters of hawker stalls in Gurney Drive, Tanjung Bungah, New Lane Roadside off Macalister Road, Swatow Lane and Island Glades for a feast of simply great food.

1. Cendol

A cold drink with strands of mungbean strips and coconut milk, this is a cooler that is much sought after when having pasembor or rojak. Especially effective on a hot day, it explains why the cendol seller is usually the first to leave for home from the cluster of hawkers.

2. Penang Char Kway Teow

Char Kway Teow is famous in our country but the most sought after is the Penang version, which said to be the gourmet version of the dish. Commonly found on the island, it is often made richer with ducks’ eggs and fresh, succulent prawns. An ingredient that is not to be forgotten is the generous helping of cockles.

3. Nyonya Kuih

Cut into diamond shapes or wrapped in banana leaves are morsels of sweet and tasty local cakes made mainly of rice flour and glutinous rice. Thick coconut milk are mainly used to make these cakes. Among the favourites are Kuih Lapis, Kuih Serimuka, Kuih Talam, Apom, Kuih Bom. Kuih Rempah Udang, Kuih Koci, Kuih Tai-Tai and numerous others to be savoured at any time of the day.

4. Or Chien

Aphrodisiac or not, this dish of oysters in an omelette, charred a little at the edges, is a favourite in the Straits settlement states of Penang, Malacca and Singapore. However, the Penang version fulfils the expectations of Malaysians who love spice as the oysters are coated with a red and delicious sambal that is absorbed well by the omelette base.

5. Nasi Kandar

Also known as Nasi Ganja, as it is addictive, thanks to the mixture of different curries that is directly dished onto the rice. The spiciness and the flavour of the different types of gravy actually makes addicts out of its fans. Line Clear, Kassim Restaurant and the stall in Kampung Melayu in Penang, and the Pelita chain are some of the more popular venues for this delicious complete meal.

6. Curry Mee

This is a truly Malaysian dish as it is a marriage of all the major races in the curry with the soup base Indian, the noodles and some of the ingredients of Chinese origin and the others from the Malay community. Chunks of chicken, cooked in a thick and creamy curry base and poured over blanched yellow noodles and add-ons like dried bean curd, egg, fish balls, prawns and even yong tau foo (vegetables and bean curd) in some instances make up this great food.

7. Air Batu Campur

Another cooler that is definitely local. It is again another Malaysian recipe that has ingredients from all communities. Gorge on the nutmeg strips, jellies, grass jelly, cendol mungbean strands, sago balls or tapioca pearls, peanuts, attap seeds, rose syrup, palm sugar and evaporated milk or even coconut cream and a scoop of ice-cream as a finishing touch to this delicious dessert.

8. Assam Laksa

A hot and sour soup, made from scratch by boiling mackerel or ikan kembung, de-boning it and adding herbs to spice it up. With rice vermicelli and topped with mint leaves, pineapple, slices of torch ginger flower and cucumber strips, this is a dish that most Malaysians would crave for and it is a constant debate as to where the best can be found.

9. Pasembor

This is a piece de resistance as the peanut sauce, made with ground peanuts, sweet potatoes, chilli paste, and palm sugar, is absorbed by the pieces of fried bean curd, prawn fritters, potatoes. In the more upmarket versions, you can have prawns, squid and even deep-fried crabs put into this satisfying tea-break meal or even as a main meal with yellow noodles added in. This is one dish that you must try or regret never having had a slice of heaven on earth.

10. Prawn Mee

Noodles in a sweet and spicy soup, topped with shallot fritters, prawns and meat and not forgetting the boiled egg, this is a hunger-satisfying meal that leaves you sweating and filled. Very popular and the best is said to be at the Pulau Tikus wet market.


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  1. claire said,

    wow..very mouth watering food.. now u make me so hungry after looking at them..wei. u never say where these food are la.. …

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