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Don Sushi@JB

Posted in food,japanese food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on August 26, 2008

This is one of the sushi chains found in JB besides the bigger Sushi King, which is all over Malaysia. There are several outlets in JB and the biggest one can be found at Taman Sentosa, sort like a 15mins drive from the custom. Well, besides can enjoy affordable japanese food, the food is actually good over there. Loads of varieties of sushis, ramens, dons and etc to choose from, they also offered buffet at RM40+ per head.

Check out the seafood ramen I had. This is my favourite!! I simply love the soup, though I don’t like having cooked salmon there which disintegrate easily.

Teriyaki Chicken….. the favourite for those conservative ones who still can’t take the raw thing….:)

In my opinion, they have one of the best chawanmushi in town. This is something which I won’t miss in Don Sushi. I may give others like Sushi King a pass on chawanmushi but not here. This is a must in Don Sushi. It’s sweet and the egg is smooth.

Yup, I had my favourite salmon teriyaki here, which comes with miso soup, cold tofu and a salad. I also tried my favourite salmon maki and sushi and that makes a great meal on a saturday night. 🙂

Don Sushi is located at 299A, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 JB. (tel:07-3352313)


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  1. poypogi said,

    mashimaro san

  2. chrisau said,

    bro pogi, let’s check out some japanese food over at Bugis Junc. after work from HQ, and we can have sake while listening to kitaro’s music…what do u think? hahaha…

  3. claire said,

    fernie loves japanese food anytime..we go bec of her only… she will end up eating a lot… for me, so so only…i tried the egg and miso soup before.. very funnyu taste la.. i still prefer chinesey food.. hehehe…very biased

  4. chrisau said,

    haha…then i will bring fernie out for jap food! Anyway, Ipoh doesn’t good ones right? Sushi King sux… it’s the worst Jap food I ever tried.
    You can try those cooked ones like teriyaki chicken or salmon. Sip a cup of sake and you might come back for more…hahaha

    • dinesh parajuli said,

      hi don sushi j.b malayasia mr ken mr ong and all my frinds don sushi jb food is very good and tasty food in malaysia.thanks to don sushi jb malaysia.

      • sameer niroula said,

        i am sameer from nepal
        donsuhi jb malaysia mr ken mr ong mr tony &all my friends .i can not forget the tast in don sushi food so one time everbody go there & try …..thanks

  5. annie said,

    Hi, I’m a japanese food lover. Can give me the address of Don sushi in malaysia. Thanks

  6. worst sushi I'd ever tried said,

    I and my friend went to DON Sushi @ Taman Sentosa.Both of us were chose the buffet set.The actual size and quality of the food is just 1/3 ratio as normal 1.The food are so horrible and I need a lot of tissue papers to dry up the oil.

    The lady manager said “It is because the buffet type, the food were prepared earlier and reheat when customer order it.” If as manager explained to me then why don’t show all your food on the table (as buffet type).Then sure I won’t wasted RM 45.85 / person ( RM39.90 + 15% tax ).

    For my expectation of japanese food restaurant should respect the “Spirit of Japanese Cuisine” and the “Spirit of doing the Best” while preparing the Japanese Cuisine. You can sell at the very cheap price to attract more customer but don’t do it like “DON Sushi”. For me,I won’t go for any outlet of DON Sushi in Malaysia anymore. “Sushi King” not so nice but the “Spirit of serving food” still better than “DON Sushi”.

    P/S: Your pictures were posted here is not the actual look of the food (buffet type).First time I tried the “chawanmushi” in the chinese tea cup (the smallest).

    • chrisau said,

      yeah, I also felt the same though I never tried the buffet. This post was published back 2 years ago and I realise their standard has dropped. I have since stopped visiting Don Sushi. If you are in JB, try the newly open Japanese food near Sutera Mall, I can’t remember the name.

  7. Gingko said,

    May i know the branch at Taman Sentosa is change to another location? My location at Taman Pelangi, i miss Japaness food in Don Sushi but i don’t know have any branch is near my location?

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