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My plastic model – Mitsubishi Zero Fighter

Posted in malaysia,plastic models by chrisau on August 29, 2008

Finally..I’ve completed my first plastic model, after …err… since my childhood days.  Of course, the planes I built during those days are much simpler, cheaper, smaller and no painting. 🙂

This is a famous Japanese WW2 plane in 1/48 scale. If you watched the movie, Pearl Harbour, these are the planes which bombed the harbour in Hawaii.

Well,I actually took almost 2 months to complete this one, instead of the normal 1-2 days, which is the time taken for any typical hobbyist . It’s actually not that difficult to build this model from scratch but I’ve only half an hour a night to work on and I’m also a bit rusty.

I got some paints, a spray in light grey and a small bottle of black paint. Including a brush and the model, all of these actually cost me around S$40+. Before I started, I actually sprayed most of the parts in grey since the bulk of the plane is in grey. Once done, it’s assembling time!

I was quite careless actually and always got the excess glue surfaced to the parts. Thus, I ended up cleaning the glue away with thinner and in the process of doing so, I wiped away some of the paint. I have to re-spray those affected parts again!

The toughest part is applying the decal, especially the tiny ones. Using a tweezer, I gotta be careful that the decal don’t get wrinkle and wet enough to stick onto the plane. This is the part which I took the most time and most stressful too! haha…

The finished product..Job accomplished! 🙂

My next project will be a Corsair, a US WW2 plane.


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  1. claire said,

    wei..know u since baby also never know u like to “chai” aeroplane one? i know u like to disturb smart people like me only …haha… so did yr son inherit this hobby from u yet?

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