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Best Chicken Chop in JB…

Posted in coffee,food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on September 23, 2008

It’s time for me to explore old JB town area. Filled with old pre-war shop houses, I’m sure this area has a story to tell behind it. It doesn’t feel safe walking around these streets as you felt you might be mugged or something, so I drove around and it’s a ‘drive’ down memory lane. I chances upon this restaurant, which I tried before years ago when I first came to JB. It’s called ‘IT Roo’ cafe and the place was nostalgic and claimed to offer the best chicken chop in town.

A view from the outside, near a small lane. Well, I tried that before and it was good then.

Well, here’s the nostalgic feel. You seems to find everything that belongs to the 60s-80s. I never stopped glancing at the walls for all their old pictures and wares. They even have a family portrait there.

Here’s the menu and on top of the list is a 5-star ratingĀ  by The Star paper in 2003 for their chicken chop.

Here is it, chicken chop in black pepper sauce and a cup of coffee. Well, I guess their main dish lost of bit of the good taste over the years. Anyway, it’s still a good place to have hang around if you happens to be in the old jb town.


4 Responses to 'Best Chicken Chop in JB…'

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  1. Syelynn said,

    the chicken chop looks good! I miss malaysian style western food….

  2. chrisau said,

    guess u miss home food a lot, Syelynn… haha! Have a good day!

  3. daisy said,

    hi..do u have the address or direction for this place?

    • chrisau said,

      so sorry, daisy. I didn’t note down the addr when I was there. I let you know if I happened to go again. Anyway, it’s at the JB old town.

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