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beautiful music…..

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on September 26, 2008
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One of the most recent new age music artiste  that i discovered lately is Eric Chiryoku.  His music are recorded with multi instruments but he focused mainly on piano and flute. I find that his music are very soothing, calming and relaxing. It’s great to listen to his beautiful gentle music especially before bedtime or after work.

If I’m not wrong, he had released two albums, Winter Story and Spring Of Life (as below), which I got all last week. The albums are not new and the latest one was Spring of Life, released in 2007.

Here’s a link to one of his video,Spring of Life


2 Responses to 'beautiful music…..'

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  1. purpledsky said,

    music feeds the soul.

    thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment 🙂

  2. chrisau said,

    Thanks purpledsky! You are absolutely right, music do feeds the soul. It really helps me to unwind, especially while on the way back after work.

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