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Ming Ge Restaurant, Seremban

Posted in food,malaysia by chrisau on October 28, 2008

This is one spacious and classy restaurant in seremban. I wonder how many tables they can put in the restaurant as the place was so big that a section of it was always closed whenever when I went there (though not often). With a spacious car park also and located at the heart of seremban, this place was so crowded during the weekends!

As above is a dish called Peking Duck. Ok, you don’t see any duck meat here as it’s already wrapped in the omelette. With a sweet duck braised sauce applied onto the omelette with roasted duck meat and cucumber, this is the best dishes of the night. Too bad, the waiteress works too fast in cutting out the meat and put in the omelette till I don’t get the chance to snap a picture of the roasted duck.

Here’s a delicious deep fried prawn with salad and mixed with sesame seeds. I love this! The dish is complemented with rock melon’s cubes.

Well, a healthy vegetable to balance out the meaty stuffs….

And above, fried fish meats in sweet sauce ‘meets’ boiled fish meats. The presentation looks good but I don’t really like the fish meats. It just tasted normal only. 🙂

Here’s duck soup boiled with salted vegetables. The soup is good and you can taste the fragrance of the duck meat in salty vegetables. It’s salty enough which according to Chinese’s beliefs, it helps to cool down your ‘fire’ (temperament), if you happens to be in a foul mood! 🙂

Ming Ge restaurant is located at Taman AST, Era Square, Seremban.


Jurong Bird Park

Posted in singapore by chrisau on October 24, 2008

This was the first time in my life to go to Jurong Bird Park, despite been in Singapore for almost a decade. It was my company’s retreat and I thought it’s a good idea to share some pics with everyone. Anyway, we didn’t explore the entire park as it was raining and we only got half a day. Enjoy the pics! 🙂

Here’s the entrance….

I simply loves the above two portraits of the owl. The trainer was holding it on his arm and we allowed to take shots with it. When I saw the trainer walking with the owl, I quickly grab the opportunity to take the pics.

Here’s one of the shows in the park. Above is a parrot carrying a two dollar note from a volunteered audience and flew back to the stage, and later flew to the audience to return back. So clever!!

Here’s an African vulture, it indeed looks fierce and majestic!

As above is the flamingo pond. There are a variety of breeds and colors. Some are white, black and red. The red ones looks attractive in flocks!

Manage to catch a shot of a small ostrich !

As above is a place where you can get closely to the birds and feed them. They just flew around you, rest on your shoulders and arms. I love some of the close shots and portraits I’ve taken. Seems like this is the only place I can take close shots of birds. Anyway, I ‘kena’ beaked by one of the birds for being mischievous, as I forcefully tried to let it rest on my arms…..  😦

Another rare species of birds….there’s still a lot of pics in my camera but too bad, I can’t post all here!

Ahhh…….not forgetting what I’m having for breakfast at the bird park…. hash brown, toasts with cheese and ham and freshly brewed coffee.yummy!! 🙂

F4U-1A Corsair – Plastic model

Posted in plastic modeling by chrisau on October 22, 2008

Here’s another addition to my plastic models, the F4U-1A Corsair.  In fact, this is one of my favorites WW2 planes, besides the Mustang. What I really like of the Corsair is the ‘crooked’ wings, which make it look spectacular!! 😀

Well, I’ve just renewed my interest in building models recently and with the Zero fighter already in my collection, it’s time to get another one!

Here are the paints that I’ve bought for the project…haha…. A spray paint cost me around S$10 and mostly all are bought from Tamiya. Those smaller bottles costs around $S4.

Ok, here are the partially completed model (below and above). it actually took me about 1 month to reach this stage, thanks to my busy schedule!! 😦

And, yes….the completed model! Another feature of the plane is that there’s a motor embedded inside which turns the propeller, when you manually turned it.

My two collections of plastic models that i built recently – Mitsubishi Zero fighter and Corsair.

Ah Koong’s fishball noodle

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on October 20, 2008

There’s this fishball noodle restaurant which has quite a crowd especially with Singaporeans across the causeway, and it’s near to the JB city area. Recently, they have expanded their ‘operations’ and another outlet was opened in JB heartlands in Taman Nusa Bestari. The place was nicely renovated and looks more like a bistro, rather than those typical local noodle shop.

I took this from afar of the newly opened shop, it was so different from their old shop which is more the ‘traditional’ type.

Ok, ‘makan’ time! The place is famous with its crispy hot fishcakes (as above) and ‘fishball kuay teow’ soup (as below). Since there’s only three of us, we ordered two bowls of the noodles and one piece (which is quite big) of the fishcake. The taste is still as good as the old shop with its clear soup, crunchy fishball and smooth noodles. I simply love the fishcakes!!

And, not forgetting the drink, one of my favorites is the sour plum + lime juice. It was refreshing indeed to drink this on a hot afternoon.

Address: 45, Jalan Jati 1, Taman Nusa Bestari, JB.

Night scenes at Putrajaya

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on October 16, 2008

I was at Putrajaya during the Hari raya holidays and since KL was kinda deserted, Putrajaya is like a modern ghost town. 🙂 Anyway, I had a great time taking photos in the empty streets and gardens, and here are some of the pictures that I like to share.

Most of the buildings in Putrajaya are Malaysian government departments and that’s what Putrajaya was, the administrative centre of the Malaysian Government. Anyway, I can’t tell which buildings belongs to which ministry…haha…. Enjoy the pics!!

Taken near the man-made lake

The fountain, captured with a slower shutter speed

The street lamps over there are special, there are a variety of patterns and this one here ‘bends’

I like this building, it’s very nice but dunno what building is that!!

Taken at the entrance of a bridge

Pillar of strength??

Check out the curvy stuffs, kinda resembled a python…

Taken from afar which shows the bridges….

And, last but not least, family portrait.

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