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Gao Ren Guan restaurant in Puchong

Posted in food,gao ren guan,Kuala Lumpur,malaysia,puchong by chrisau on October 7, 2008

I was in KL last week during the Raya holidays and my kind brother in law brought my family and me to this restaurant situated in Puchong. They offered food originated from the Gao province in Guangzhou, China. it’s the first time I tried it and it gave me a refreshing taste from the usual chinese dishes.

The ‘taupok’ is filled with crunched meat and vegetables. The meat is nice. Take two pieces of this and it can be very filling.

I like bitterguard but this one is a cili padi version. No, it’s not spicy but it’s so bitter!! Good to intoxicate the toxins and cools down our body.

The best dish so far, curry chicken. The curry was very ‘lemak’ (lots of coconut milk) and this dish whets up my appetite. I even ordered extra rice (which I usually didn’t), just because of this. The curry aroma is also very nice!

Here’s my favourite dish, lady’s fingers. I heard that they imported the vegetables from Taiwan and the lady’s fingers are especially greener than the usual ones. It’s very crunchy!

Another top dish, pork in red sauce and wine. You can taste wine when you took a bite of the semi-fat pork.

Here’s the address! Try it if you stayed in the Klang valley!


9 Responses to 'Gao Ren Guan restaurant in Puchong'

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  1. amy said,

    look so yummy… Filipino version of chicken curry looks like that…i miss it already…food really is my weakness…ahhh…so delicious

  2. amy said,

    by the way, i like your blog…so, i add you in my bloglist…i enjoyed reading

  3. chrisau said,

    Thanks Amy! Will add your blog to my blogroll too! Btw, I’ve tried pinoy food before but not the curry.

  4. Gallivanter said,

    Food galore!

  5. kikey said,

    i miss Malaysia foods so much!!

    p/a: thanks for visiting my blog, u have a nice blog too.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. chrisau said,

    Thanks Kikey and Gallivanter! I will link you guys in my blog!

  7. Celine said,

    Looks yummy except for the bitterguard!!! I can’t take it. You so geng lar ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. claire said,

    wei.. i beh tahan la… where is puchong, i also dont know.. must go look for a KL bf.. otherwise who would take me there…
    i love all…but i think i can fry the lady fingers myself.. normally i cook it crunchy too..dont like lembek lembek..

  9. chrisau said,

    Ask tailo to bring you there when u visit KL next time, claire. Puchong is an old establisment already near KL but there’s a lot of recent developments there. Lots of shopping centres nearby like Ikea, 1 Utama, Power Ikano, The curve…etc

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