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Secret Recipe

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on October 14, 2008

My family and I were at the Pelangi Plaza on a late afternoon and decided to get something to eat. Well, it’s actually lunch+tea time. Since there’s not much variety of restaurants over there, we decided on either StoneGrill, Vivo Pizza and Secret Recipe. And, we chose the latter.

Secret Recipe is famous for its cakes. My kid (just a 3 year old toddler) chose this chocolate cheese cake from the counter and I guess it’s a good choice. 🙂 The cake was heated and once done and serve, you can see the chocolate syrup flowing all the way down. yummy…..

Well, my wife and I had the usual main western set meals with traditional english breakfast tea in pot. That’s what we always ordered for tea, either a pot of earl grey or english breakfast tea. Moreover, I always asked for a refill (hehe….)

I had Chicken in turmeric sauce (as above)  while my wife had fish fillet in lobster sauce. Altogether it cost me Rm48.50, hmmm… up to you to decide whether that’s affordable or expensive. 🙂

Well, I love the way saturdays being spent like this, rest and recreation with good food. it’s a way to reward and unwind ourselves after a tough week. 🙂 And, of course, not forgetting to go for a short jog later.


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  1. Never been to Secret Recipe but this post enlighten me

  2. chrisau said,

    Hi Borneo Falcon, then you should try some of the cheesecakes when you pay a visit next time. It’ll be great with coffee.

  3. claire said,

    borneo falcon also comes here? haha.. he is my bloggie fren too..wah..my frens seem to be coming here, Chris..
    i just bought 3 pieces of cakes from SR last nite..for fernie’s birthday…. the 1st one..they melted the choc in the micro wave oven first..then only nice…

  4. chrisau said,

    yup, Borneo is a nice chap who’s sounds adventurous! I like his blog!

  5. yanz said,

    wowwww, the choc cheesecake looks DELICIOUS!! =P *mouth watering*

    either that, or you’re a very good photographer, hahaha ;D

    i’ve tried the fish fillet in lobster sauce before, but didn’t really like it… i feel that their food’s not that great lerrr :/

  6. chrisau said,

    thanks for commenting yanz!
    Yeah, I do agree with you that their food is so-so, but the cheesecakes are good la.
    Oh…i took it using macro mode with my N95 camera phone. Not DSLRs cameras. 🙂
    Will add yours to my blog roll.

  7. amy said,

    ohhh..i love to visit your blog because of the food you always feature…so delicious…

    LOL…bout my costume, pocahontas will be trick or treatin’ with the kids…hahaha

  8. constance said,

    for the last two decades, i have not been adventurous with Secret Recipe. I’ve only been buying their Choc cakes and never tried anything else!

    the outlet that I used to go to was the Orchard Road – Centrepoint branch because at that time there wasn’t many niche pastry shop.

    but after seeing your pics, i might give it a try! thanks for sharing!

  9. chrisau said,

    haha…amy. Come here more often then and have a great halloween party.

    Hi Constance…yup, I saw one in Plaza Singapura but never tried before. Well, not sure if they offered the same stuffs as in Malaysia. Btw, I worked in Spore.

  10. yanz said,

    N95 can take such nice pics? cool…

    What about the putrajaya pics? those are really nice too =D

    Thanks for adding me, I’ve added you to my blog list/roll too, btw 😉

  11. chrisau said,

    Thanks yanz. Yup, N95 is a 5MP camera phone which can also take close shots.
    Those in Putrajaya was taken with my Canon Powershot A630, which is 8 MP.

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