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Night scenes at Putrajaya

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on October 16, 2008

I was at Putrajaya during the Hari raya holidays and since KL was kinda deserted, Putrajaya is like a modern ghost town. ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, I had a great time taking photos in the empty streets and gardens, and here are some of the pictures that I like to share.

Most of the buildings in Putrajaya are Malaysian government departments and that’s what Putrajaya was, the administrative centre of the Malaysian Government. Anyway, I can’t tell which buildings belongs to which ministry…haha…. Enjoy the pics!!

Taken near the man-made lake

The fountain, captured with a slower shutter speed

The street lamps over there are special, there are a variety of patterns and this one here ‘bends’

I like this building, it’s very nice but dunno what building is that!!

Taken at the entrance of a bridge

Pillar of strength??

Check out the curvy stuffs, kinda resembled a python…

Taken from afar which shows the bridges….

And, last but not least, family portrait.


12 Responses to 'Night scenes at Putrajaya'

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  1. Celine said,

    I went to Putrajaya once during daytime. But the sceneries weren’t that nice leh. Night time so so breathtaking. I love the fountain photo! You are good in photo shooting aren’t you? And not to forget your kid is so so cute!!

  2. claire said,

    aiyah..celine beat me to it, chris..haha..
    wei..really so sunyi ah? not scared meh? got mat rempits or not? yeah la.u said like ghost town leh..i never been there and i dont think i want to..haha.. but very nice scenes as celine said…

  3. chrisau said,

    Hi Celine – Yeah, I guess the place is much nicer at night when they lid up the place. I have more pics with me but don’t think I can upload all here and some are not so well taken. OK, i just learn a few tips from my friends with my digicam, not a Digital SLR yet…though I would love to have one soon.

    Claire… yes, it’s very sunyi but no mats rempits. (dun think they dare to rempit here..haha). It’s pretty safe here, Im sure the thugs wouldn’t want to make trouble at the tiger’s den..haha..

    In fact I was also amazed by the nice scenes over there..u guys should try driving around there. I also missed out some of the bridges which are quite breathtaking.

  4. I never been to Putrajaya. Passed there dozen times by bus and train. The place is sure beautiful. Kind of spooky when deserted.

  5. chrisau said,

    yup BF! It’s a very nice place. In fact, this was the first time i been there despite always travelled to KL. Never been there during the day, maybe will make a trip some day.:)

  6. kikey said,

    hey, u took a very nice pictures.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. chrisau said,

    thanks kikey! Your latest post have very nice pics too!!

  8. poypogi said,

    cool nightscape pics. keep up the nice work, brah

  9. chrisau said,

    thanks brah!!

  10. amy said,

    oh my…those view are awesome…how i wish i could visit those places

  11. chrisau said,

    well amy, if you happens to visit Malaysia, spent 2 hours here! That should be enough for sight-seeing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. amy said,

    i will difinitely visit Malaysia… thanks for the comment on my debate entry…i appreciate it a lot

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