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Ah Koong’s fishball noodle

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on October 20, 2008

There’s this fishball noodle restaurant which has quite a crowd especially with Singaporeans across the causeway, and it’s near to the JB city area. Recently, they have expanded their ‘operations’ and another outlet was opened in JB heartlands in Taman Nusa Bestari. The place was nicely renovated and looks more like a bistro, rather than those typical local noodle shop.

I took this from afar of the newly opened shop, it was so different from their old shop which is more the ‘traditional’ type.

Ok, ‘makan’ time! The place is famous with its crispy hot fishcakes (as above) and ‘fishball kuay teow’ soup (as below). Since there’s only three of us, we ordered two bowls of the noodles and one piece (which is quite big) of the fishcake. The taste is still as good as the old shop with its clear soup, crunchy fishball and smooth noodles. I simply love the fishcakes!!

And, not forgetting the drink, one of my favorites is the sour plum + lime juice. It was refreshing indeed to drink this on a hot afternoon.

Address: 45, Jalan Jati 1, Taman Nusa Bestari, JB.


10 Responses to 'Ah Koong’s fishball noodle'

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  1. claire said,

    hey..expensive or not…never write price.. looks goood like the rawang one… perhaps chef is from local here..

  2. chrisau said,

    frankly, not cheap. Altogether it cost me almost RM18…. a bowl of noodles cost RM5.50, what’s more with the taxes…etc. haha… In typical kopitiams, it’s only Rm2-Rm3 per bowl.

  3. The portion looks small

  4. chrisau said,

    Great to see you again here, BF. Actually…the portion is ok la, not too much and little. Probably it’s camera trick, from what you see. Anyway, still expensive, to my standard. 🙂

  5. cleffairy said,

    Wah! So expensive ah? Better cook at home. LOL. 😛 You sure the portion is okay? Looks quite less to me la. 😀

  6. kikey said,

    i like sour plum + lime juice too…
    can’t get in US restaurant 😦

  7. the fishcake looks awesomely delicious, somemore crispy wow! must be bursting with flavours!

  8. chrisau said,

    cleffairy – erm…. the portion is just nice with me la….not too much and little but yeah, it’s betul betul expensive. Thanks for commenting!

    kikey – poor thing, hope you can try some when you’re back or how about any local outlets over there? I guess viet restaurants do serve it.

    Big Boys Oven – thanks for visiting!! Yeap, the best part is the crispy hot fishcake!

  9. Raynebow said,

    There’s one outlet in Taipan USJ and a few in KL, i think. Yeah, the prices are not cheap and portions also not big. I used to go to the Taipan outlet when they first opened & they were doing roaring business – but now I think biz has dwindled.

  10. chrisau said,

    ic Raynebow..didn’t know there are branches in KL too! Anyway, eating out is not cheap nowadays!

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