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F4U-1A Corsair – Plastic model

Posted in plastic modeling by chrisau on October 22, 2008

Here’s another addition to my plastic models, the F4U-1A Corsair.Β  In fact, this is one of my favorites WW2 planes, besides the Mustang. What I really like of the Corsair is the ‘crooked’ wings, which make it look spectacular!! πŸ˜€

Well, I’ve just renewed my interest in building models recently and with the Zero fighter already in my collection, it’s time to get another one!

Here are the paints that I’ve bought for the project…haha…. A spray paint cost me around S$10 and mostly all are bought from Tamiya. Those smaller bottles costs around $S4.

Ok, here are the partially completed model (below and above). it actually took me about 1 month to reach this stage, thanks to my busy schedule!! 😦

And, yes….the completed model! Another feature of the plane is that there’s a motor embedded inside which turns the propeller, when you manually turned it.

My two collections of plastic models that i built recently – Mitsubishi Zero fighter and Corsair.


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  1. claire said,

    wei..u allow yr hung hung to play with yr airplanes or not? good to have a hobby… needs a lot of patience to get it done, right?

  2. chrisau said,

    Of course not la…claire. I bought enough toy cars and aeroplanes for him already..haha.
    These models are for decorative purposes only, not for playing. If it took me 2 months to build it (yes, with lots of patience and ‘calmness’) , once it drops to the floor, it will be destroyed in less than 5 secs… haha…

  3. Do you have a lot of plane models? Need some space to store and display them

  4. kikey said,

    wow… u good in that huh! πŸ™‚

  5. cleffairy said,

    Wah? Plane model? And i thouight Corsair is a RAM brand name. LOL. Nice leh, must have take forever to build it. πŸ˜€ I used to buy some car models when I was a little girl. But I screwed up and my dad end up buying me a new one and making them for me. LOL. πŸ˜€

  6. chrisau said,

    Borneo Falcon – I used to have some long ago but given to my nephews. These two are the ones that i built recently where I have rekindle my interest in this hobby.

    kikey – well, it takes time and make some mistakes along the way and lots of patience. πŸ˜›

    cleffairy – haha…guess u can afford to buy the expensive toy cars now.

  7. cleffairy said,

    LOL… now dun play toy cars liao. Ahahha. Nowadays, play online game. LOL. beats playing toy cars. πŸ˜›

  8. Hi, nice collections of plastic model airplanes. It reminds me of my brother in law who collects model cars. πŸ™‚

    Btw, care to exchange links?

  9. chrisau said,

    thanks asian tralever for visiting! Sure, i’ve added up n my blog roll.

  10. wow! I have not make such models since I was young but recently my matured god brother is into such practice but mostly on japanese mangga and robots! lol! cool hooby you have there!

  11. chrisau said,

    Thanks for commenting, BBO! I have built some gundams too but those are the simple and cheaper ones. I’m back to plastic models now which is more challenging and needs lot of patience. I just got a F15 Eagle yesterday. Will blog it once I’ve completed.

  12. amy said,

    Are you done with that F15 Eagle? Blog it soon. Thanks for the visit and the comment. I will still wear the Pocahontas though during trick or treatin’, check out the part2 pictures, pocahontas is there. Have a good day.

  13. chrisau said,

    nope amy, it’ll probably takes me 2-3 months. Will blog it by then. okie, check out your pics in part 2 now!

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