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Ming Ge Restaurant, Seremban

Posted in food,malaysia by chrisau on October 28, 2008

This is one spacious and classy restaurant in seremban. I wonder how many tables they can put in the restaurant as the place was so big that a section of it was always closed whenever when I went there (though not often). With a spacious car park also and located at the heart of seremban, this place was so crowded during the weekends!

As above is a dish called Peking Duck. Ok, you don’t see any duck meat here as it’s already wrapped in the omelette. With a sweet duck braised sauce applied onto the omelette with roasted duck meat and cucumber, this is the best dishes of the night. Too bad, the waiteress works too fast in cutting out the meat and put in the omelette till I don’t get the chance to snap a picture of the roasted duck.

Here’s a delicious deep fried prawn with salad and mixed with sesame seeds. I love this! The dish is complemented with rock melon’s cubes.

Well, a healthy vegetable to balance out the meaty stuffs….

And above, fried fish meats in sweet sauce ‘meets’ boiled fish meats. The presentation looks good but I don’t really like the fish meats. It just tasted normal only. 🙂

Here’s duck soup boiled with salted vegetables. The soup is good and you can taste the fragrance of the duck meat in salty vegetables. It’s salty enough which according to Chinese’s beliefs, it helps to cool down your ‘fire’ (temperament), if you happens to be in a foul mood! 🙂

Ming Ge restaurant is located at Taman AST, Era Square, Seremban.


11 Responses to 'Ming Ge Restaurant, Seremban'

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  1. wow the spread of food you had there really lookdelicious, seremban had been famous for it’s chinese gourmet food, all hidden like a gem!

  2. This is the first time i see and heard duck soup cook in such a way. Interesting…..

  3. chrisau said,

    yeah, there are some good makan places in seremban and it’s cheaper than KL, BBO.

    BF: hm…. I think i had this before, maybe not popular over in Sibu.

  4. cleffairy said,

    Sobs. Looks like I found another blog that is not safe to lurk at wee hour. LOL. Definitely not safe because it have the tendency to make my stomach grumble and crave for the food. 😛

  5. kikey said,

    i miss those foods…

  6. chrisau said,

    cleffairy – erm… enter at your own risk..haha… btw, happy divali!

    kikey – awww… poor thing. go to chinatown, i’m sure they have!

  7. claire said,

    wah..sui yeh.. kam pan nai tarn… tell ur parents then u noe.. how much wor..?…. show to ah mei..then let ah mei bocor to yr parents..
    wei.. i go in dec first week,..keep the roast duck menu for me.. ok?
    chee kee yan… moe kai kau..

    Ok bye.. going out now for my food…

  8. chrisau said,

    my in laws belanja me la….

  9. Celine said,

    Haha, I found the bird quite interesting lor. Doesn’t look like a real one. So cute lar 🙂

  10. amy said,

    sooo delicious as usual…getting hungry already by just looking at the pictures…have a fun Sunday

  11. chrisau said,

    Celine – hmm..wait till u got beaked by it then you know it’s real..haha…

    amy – okay, okay… have a full stomach first before visiting my blog next time..haha…

    Thanks for commenting!

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