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JB’s City Square, ASIMO robot show and HK ‘char chan teng’

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One of the best attraction in JB is the City Square Shopping centre at JB’s Central Business District. It’s strategically and conveniently located near the causeway and it certainly attracted a lots of singaporeans to shop there especially clothes, haircuts at salons, fashion apparels, gadgets and etc.


X’mas around the corner and the mall was nicely decorated for the festive season!



A shot of the mall’s transparent ceiling….


There was actually some presentations last weekend, the ASIMO robot was here!! It did attracted quite a crowd with the robot’s presentation. My kid loves it and though I was kinda bored with it, I have to stay throughout the show for that little guy. 😦


Didn’t bring my canon camera, thus can’t zoom onto the robot with my phone cam. The 20 mins show begins. What a big crowd!



Well, the ASIMO robot was actually walking here and there, dancing and serving a volunteer in the 20 mins show. Basically, it showcast what the robot can do. And ,here’s the link to the ASIMO website.


Finally, it’s lunch time and we went to level 3 for Hong Kong food. We visited the Wong Kok ‘char chan teng’ and it’s been a while since I had nissin noodles with ham and egg. This cost me Rm6.50. (above)


I also had a big cup of ‘Yin Yang’ (tea mixed with coffee in milk). It cost around Rm3 – this one worth it as the cup is really big!

Well, that’s another saturday afternoon! 🙂

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng is located at MF21, Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 JB.


Ah Heng Noodles…..

Posted in coffee,food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on November 24, 2008

I thought of having something lighter on a sunday afternoon and thought it’s a good idea to have noodles. Check out this newly open noodle shop in Taman Molek, JB. In fact, the stretch of shop houses are newly built and can expect lots of nice eating outlets over here.


They sold a variety of noodles and the recommended ones (with big prawns) are the tom yam seafood noodles, curry laksa seafood noodles and plain seafood noodles. However, these recommended bowls of noodles cost around RM8, which is consider kinda expensive.


I had a bowl of normal curry laksa (cost around Rm5) and in it, there are fish balls, ‘taupok’ (fried beancurd), chicken meat and lots of noodles. Quite a big bowl to me and it’s actually quite nice! I guess it’s spicier than most of the curry laksa that I had before, but that’s how curry should be done! Nice!!!


Here’s a lighter bowl of kuay teow noodles in soup, which my wife had. It’s also nice and just great for a light afternoon meal. It also cost around Rm5 too.


And, not forgetting their ‘hainanese’ coffee, which is ‘thick’ and the aroma is great!


Restaurant Ah Heng is located at – No.33, Jalan Molek 2/1, Taman Molek, JB.

Island Red Cafe, JB

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As usual, I love to have afternoon tea breaks on saturdays where you can wind down after a tough week of work and not to worry about having to go to work the next day. Saturdays are truly great  where it’s like you can have the entire day for yourself and do whatever you like, be it watching a movie, staying late at night, shop and etc….. at your own sweet pace.


I visited this nice cafe called Island Red Cafe. It’s nicely decorated and it’s easily noticeable if you driving down the main road at Taman Nusa Bestari, JB.



Here’s the interior of the shop. You can surf for free with their four workstations with wide LCD screens located at the middle. Not bad as you don’t have to pay as in cybercafe, especially if you just wanted to check your emails.


Like most kopitiams, they sold variety of stuffs from local to western food. As above is a bowl of kuay teow soup which was ordered by my wife. Well, compare to those more famous ones like Ah Koong’s fish ball noodles or the Yong Peng fishball noodles, this one is so-so la….



However, they excel in their western food and the chicken chop above was one of the best that I ever tried. I don’t even needed to dip into the mushroom sauce as the chicken chop was grilled deliciously enough. With a nice cup of coffee, that makes my another relaxing saturday afternoon! 🙂

Here’s their website.

Address:-1-01 & 51-02, jalan bestari 1/5, taman nusa bestari, 81300 johor.

A suprising cup of cappucino from McDonald’s

Posted in food by chrisau on November 20, 2008

Well, I’m not saying that it’s free from McDonald’s but I was ordering the $2 breakfast meal this morning and asked for a cappucino (which cost 65cents more). I got my burger but have to wait around 5 mins plus for the cafe. Little that I know the lady was busy decorating my cappuccino and I was kinda amazed and surprise by the nice decorated pattern.


Don’t really quite expect the cafe to be so nicely decorated from a place called McDonald..haha…

James Bond Cars Collections

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If you stayed in Malaysia and if you buy shell petrol, you probably heard of these model cars. It cost Rm5.50 but you can only buy it after you fill it up to RM40 and above. Well, it’s the Bond fever again and being a fan (well, I prefers Brosnan and Moore) and to the nagging of my kid, I finally got the whole collection of the cars.

Well, I better took pictures of it first while it’s still in one piece and way before my kid inflict further damages to it..haha… 🙂


Here’s the first Bond car for the first movie, and heard that the current movie actually modified this car for the current one.  Well, I was not born yet but watch this…erm…’bored’ Bond flick on tv before. It’s not the storyline, but the special effects are terrible then. And, not a fan of Connery as Bond, though.


I love this car and true to those times, the designed was very ‘retro’ then. Roger Moore remained the original Bond to me and this was the Bond which I was ‘introduced’ to the series! On top of that, it’s also the first Bond movie I watched at the now defunct Lido cinema in Ipoh. This was 1977 and I was a small little boy then…haha…


Another Sean Connery flick! I heard that this is a classic, but never really watch the entire movie though. I remember it was shown on tv.


Here comes Brosnan who revived the Bond franchise! If I don’t remember wrongly, BMW was used in all the Bond flicks starring Brosnan. I like him being Bond, he acted very well!


And, finally the current Bond car and Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. I have yet to watch it . The model car was kinda special and it was only available after 6/11/2008, after the rest are  released by Shell. This is the nicest car of them all and it’s back to the original Aston Martin.

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