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Power of will

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on November 13, 2008

Here’s another great article from the Sunday Star’s paper which I would like to share…read on!

No doubt about it: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

(T. Selva, The Star’s Sunday Metro editor)

WILLPOWER is a self-discipline energy which every individual possesses. It is not something that is reserved for a few special people only.

To learn to invoke this inner power is vital because every person can improve his or her well-being when the energy is roused.

In self-improvement studies, the hidden strength is regarded as the success tool in all areas of life.

All of us have it and awakening it is important so that we are able to cope with the various challenges because our life is not a bed of roses nor it is full of thorns either.

The ups and downs we experience should be viewed as an art of living because our existence is a lifelong learning process.

We should face all challenges using our strong willpower and without giving up.

I have a high regard for people who have strong willpower, determination and the force to overcome all shortcomings and obstacles in life because they are successful in whatever they undertake.

Mesmerising: The charity performance Awakening showcases talents from the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe.

I am writing this because I was particularly moved and mesmerised last night after watching the charity performance Awakening, which showcased the talents of 27 Chinese performers from the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe in Kuala Lumpur.

Despite being deaf and dumb, the talented dancers had the power to evoke in each of us a deeper understanding of our lives and of the world around us.

They portrayed independence, enhanced our sense of self-worth, and provided an avenue for everyone to learn and develop creative talents and skills.

And, perhaps most importantly, the artistes made the audience at the Plenary Hall in the KL Convention Centre realise that nothing is impossible in life if you have the willpower.

The extraordinary troupe reflected both the capabilities of people with disabilities and the power of will to transcend all barriers in the quest to reach their full potential.

Two friends whom I had invited for the show turned down the invitation saying that the show would make them feel gloomy because they would not be able to handle seeing the handicapped performing.

I felt sad for them because they could have been inspired by the performances and not otherwise because the world-class dancers displayed their superb art just like able people, if not better.

How one perceives a handicapped person is a reflection of one’s own attitude towards them and this is unfair to the impaired people whom I think should be seen with ordinary eyes.

We should be sensitive and respect people who are disabled and also understand their feelings, culture, heritage, and the language unique to deaf people of the world.

The show was unique and dazzling both visually and musically and the Chinese artistes also challenged us to recognise outmoded stereotypes and destructive attitudes that too often hinder people with disabilities in the aim to reach their goals.

They left a lasting impression in the hearts of the spectators to understand and appreciate life and mankind’s diversity as well as the goals and values we share.

I strongly feel that there is a need to integrate the able with the disabled to create better understanding, love and compassion.

People with special needs should not feel imprisoned because of their disability.

They should not feel shy about what they are and they should feel confident and that their disability does not mean they are worth less than other people.

The truth is that everyone can reach high levels if they have the willpower to make a decision, take action, and handle and execute any task until it is accomplished, regardless of inner and outer resistance, discomfort or difficulties.

The will is so powerful that it has the ability to overcome laziness, temptations and negative habits, and to carry out actions, even if they require effort, are unpleasant and tedious or are contrary to one’s habits.

T. Selva, The Star’s Sunday Metro editor, says the handicapped should be seen as a reflection of life as to how fortunate we are.

Tips on tapping into your inner strength

  • Play soothing music and calm yourself and stay away from noisy places and disturbing sounds.
  • Distance yourself from anger, frustrations, negativity and things that upset you.
  • When faced with difficult situations, remind yourself that tough times do not remain but tough people do.
  • Maintain a positive attitude no matter how difficult the situation and remain focused and clear.



8 Responses to 'Power of will'

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  1. cleffairy said,

    I can be pretty disciplined, only when I am not forced to do so.

  2. chrisau said,

    cleffairy : I used to have lots of willpower and disciplined during my college years but somehow after I started working, these started to diminish and Im getting more and more lazy…. 😛
    Guess you are very self-motivated!

  3. amy said,

    They are so inspiring despite of their situation. I admire them for their persistence to do something beyong . Sometimes, beeing human is weak…that is why, to do something beyond extra ordinary needs focus, perseverance and yes a WILL to do it.

  4. eugene said,

    my will power comes naturally when i go for my run,when i run for 45 minutes non stop.i will tell myself to go for another 15, and another 15 and another 15,untill i feel that i am all worn out.

    i guess when you continue incessantly doing sometimes,that’s when we develope will power.

    hey forgot to ask you something,can i add u up.? need to seek thy permission first. 尊重

  5. chrisau said,

    amy: Yup. it show’s that we actually can do things beyond our imagination, we just need to believe in ourselves and the good Lord!

    Sure eugene!! I’ve already add up! Thanks!
    Well, it’s the same with me, when I first starting to run on the treadmill, I will feel lazy and I target for the first 10 minutes. Then once I accomplished that , I feel motivated and continue for another 10 mins until I reach my target of 40mins.

  6. amy said,

    i just came by for a visit and checking what’s new…have a good Sunday with your family

  7. cleffairy said,

    =.= actually, Chris, my father tried, to instill some discipline in me when I was younger, but I have a rebellious streak, no kidding. But when I grow up, and nobody nag me to do it, i do it willingly….I guess, i just dun like to be forced. 😛

  8. kikey said,

    i saw the performance in DVD, really nice.

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