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Mori Japanese Restaurant, JB

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on November 17, 2008


I felt an urge to eat Japanese ramen yesterday on a cold, rainy night and thought this restaurant in Permas jaya, JB is a great place. FYI, there’s many Japanese restaurants in Jalan 10, Permas Jaya due to the presence of a small community of high and middle class Japanese workers, who goes to work at the nearby Pasir Gudang piers and industrial parks.

This one looks decent on the outside as well as not as crowded  compared to another one in Permas Jaya (can’t remember the name though),so we decided to give it a try.


As above, one of the ‘rooms’ in the restaurant – clean and the ambiance is quiet and relaxing. Well, it is just nice to end a Sunday night. 🙂


Here’s the appetizer, some sort of a fried fish meat. It’s nice when you dipped in the sweet and sour chili sauce.



As above, I had a nice refreshing cup of Japanese green tea with Miso Ramen. The bowl of ramen was a bit spicy and the soup ‘milky’, but it’s really nice to eat something hot on a cold night. Even my kid was helping himself with the ramen.


While I had noodles, my wife decided to have rice and ordered a salmon teriyaki bento. The helping is a lot  till I gotta helped her to finish it. The bento consists of a piece of the main salmon teriyaki, appetiser, salad, fried nuggets, agedashi tofu and miso soup.

Mori Restaurant is located at :- 108, Jalan Permas 10, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Masai, Johor.


4 Responses to 'Mori Japanese Restaurant, JB'

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  1. eugene said,

    ya,i know Permas Jaya, like the Jusco there, maybe on my next trip down JB, i will go there and check this restaurant out,and send the bill to you,hahaha, just kidding.

    anyway if you and family happen to be in Penang,i can play host of a day, ya?

  2. chrisau said,

    Hi Eugene…aiya…. I just been to Penang around March this year …. maybe next time though! Thanks for the invitation!
    Yup, there’s a Jusco there at the centre of Permas Jaya…haha… sure, email me when you are here…

  3. claire said,

    wah chris… u so lucky man… eugene playing host to u.. so long i know him also he never ajak me … must go reprimand him la…

    wei..i dont like japs food… but fernie loves it..perhaps u take her next time…we be going in dec early.. make sure u r in jb too… hehe…

  4. chrisau said,

    sure claire. anytime!! I bring her to a better one!

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