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James Bond Cars Collections

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on November 18, 2008
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If you stayed in Malaysia and if you buy shell petrol, you probably heard of these model cars. It cost Rm5.50 but you can only buy it after you fill it up to RM40 and above. Well, it’s the Bond fever again and being a fan (well, I prefers Brosnan and Moore) and to the nagging of my kid, I finally got the whole collection of the cars.

Well, I better took pictures of it first while it’s still in one piece and way before my kid inflict further damages to it..haha… ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s the first Bond car for the first movie, and heard that the current movie actually modified this car for the current one.ย  Well, I was not born yet but watch this…erm…’bored’ Bond flick on tv before. It’s not the storyline, but the special effects are terrible then. And, not a fan of Connery as Bond, though.


I love this car and true to those times, the designed was very ‘retro’ then. Roger Moore remained the original Bond to me and this was the Bond which I was ‘introduced’ to the series! On top of that, it’s also the first Bond movie I watched at the now defunct Lido cinema in Ipoh. This was 1977 and I was a small little boy then…haha…


Another Sean Connery flick! I heard that this is a classic, but never really watch the entire movie though. I remember it was shown on tv.


Here comes Brosnan who revived the Bond franchise! If I don’t remember wrongly, BMW was used in all the Bond flicks starring Brosnan. I like him being Bond, he acted very well!


And, finally the current Bond car and Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. I have yet to watch it . The model car was kinda special and it was only available after 6/11/2008, after the rest areย  released by Shell. This is the nicest car of them all and it’s back to the original Aston Martin.


17 Responses to 'James Bond Cars Collections'

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  1. You very much had the complete collection now

  2. chrisau said,

    Hi BF…. it’s complete!!

  3. Gallivanter said,

    I wanted to buy the Aston Martin, but the size is so bloody small, compared to their previous Ferrari car marketing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. chrisau said,

    yup, Gallivanter! I still prefers the ferrari ones. Anyway, these got covers and labels.

  5. hargo syahputra said,

    is the best and stars

  6. claire said,

    wah wei.. so many fansssi now..
    i believe u bought those cars for yourself,.. not yr kid.. u r using him to cover yourself…hehe…RM5.50 is not expensive.. singapore currency only 2$?

  7. chrisau said,

    Nope claire, it’s all his! He got hooked with the ferrari cars last time, which I also bought the whole collection. Of course, Im the one who initiate it..haha..but it’s all in his toy box now..hehe..

  8. Celine said,

    To buy the whole set of cars (or rather toys) to ur kid? You’re a good father leh!!

  9. kikey said,

    wow.. i wander any of my other friends collect them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. chrisau said,

    celine: haha…it’s not expensive la…around $S2 per car only. Anyway, my kid has a massive collections of toy cars…. no joke…haha

    kikey – well, maybe you can find out from your friends. They should heard of it if the pump shell petrol.

  11. eugene said,

    it will be heaven if we could have miniauture of the bonds girls with the cars,,,,,,,,,,,,,,perfect lioa

  12. chrisau said,

    eugene – they won’t look as good. If you are a star wars fan, check out the princess leia in metal bikinis… it looks ugly!

  13. cleffairy said,

    *screams* i like the cars, but I’m not a fan of Daniel Craig! *growl* BRING BACK PIERCE BROSNAN!!!! Or gimme a hunkier bond!!!! Rawrrrr!

  14. chrisau said,

    too bad cleffairy….brosnan is deem too old to play the superspy already though he’s also my favourite…

  15. cleffairy said,

    =.= *grunt* why can’t they choose someone more delicious to look at…. ARGH…..!!!! you know, the Casino Royal kinda traumatize me… I think that is why I anti Danial Craig…. you know, the stupid scene where the Bond get tied up to the chair and they tortured him by hitting his balls, literally… *pengsan* there goes the cool image of James Bond! *snarl*

  16. cleffairy said,


  17. chrisau said,

    cleffairy : tot that was the best ‘torture’ part, to compete with that DR.No scene where Sean Connery almost had his crown jewel cut into two…

    They need someone british to play Bond…. cruise is american.

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