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Christmas fever in JB

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on December 2, 2008

It’s the festive season again and great to see shopping malls everywhere nicely decorated for the occasion! It always feel good to hop into a mall full of the Christmas Spirit and listening to Christmas songs and carols on the air.

Let’s check out the popular malls around JB.


Beautiful Christmas tree in Jusco, Permas Jaya and complements Secret Recipe. One of my favourite pics here!



Lots and lots of bears swinging in Sutera Mall.


Here and below, the biggest mall in JB – Tebrau City. A majestic Christmas tree stands here with other decorative items, enough to lure the folks to take pics with it.



Below is Plaza Pelangi, with large red banners and snow flakes hanging all the way down from the ceiling.




And check out the most popular mall in JB, City Square.


14 Responses to 'Christmas fever in JB'

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  1. claire said,

    thanks bro for showing the whereabouts..we will go look see next week….

  2. kikey said,

    Boston still not snowing yet…

  3. Very nice decoration there. The malls here in my place still lacking of creativity and budget, I presume

  4. Gallivanter said,

    Christmas is certainly in the air!!! Yeehaw!! 🙂

  5. calvin said,

    at least the deco in johor is so much better than kuantan’s. all we had in our so called biggest mall…which is berjaya megamall btw, is a four feet christmas tree with no deco. the patrons not only fiddle with the tree but treat them for an ashtray. damn pathetic!!! not to mention, there are chinese new year songs playing…LOUDLY. spoil the xmas mood oredy. luckily im going down to kl for some shopping. at least i can smell some xmas spirit.

  6. chrisau said,

    claire : no problem, enjoy your trip!

    kikey: oh dear…what happen? climate changed?

    BF: Well, I supposed. It also depends on the visitorship. Anyway, thought there are a lot of Christians over at your place.

    Gallivanter : yes, man! Time to play and rest!

    Calvin: I think it could be due to SG’s influence. Anyway, compare to SG, JB’s decoration are still way too ‘simple’. Wait till you got to orchard rd in Sg. The Christmas decorations there are ‘massive’.

  7. eugene said,

    hi bro,guess you are already bathed in the yultide joy, so what up on christmas day.

    Right here in Penang, the spirit seems distant, even the decos in the mall are so scarce, could it be due to recession.

    My wife and kids are going down to JB next week and to Singapore, i believe they would prefer the Xmas joy in Sin rather in JB, wouldnt you agree ?

  8. Yes, it’s Christmas time once again, a very special time of year. I just love looking at brightly colored Christmas decors and ornaments especially in the shopping malls. It’s like a holiday cheer for everyone. 🙂

  9. cleffairy said,

    Sob. I H.A.T.E Xmas. And CNY… why? Because all my money all fly fly away and never come back. LOL…

  10. chrisau said,

    eugene: – ok, enjoy your trip bro! I be in KL this weekend. Go to SG, especially orchard road and take more pictures. It’s really yuletide joy over there.

    asian traveller : yup, this is the best time of the year. The other one is Chinese New Year!

    Cleffairy: awww… tis the season of giving and sharing..haha…

  11. amy said,

    i love Christmas season….i had a grand time looking at the pictures Chrisau, thanks for sharing ….

  12. chrisau said,

    You’re welcome, Amy. Hope you have a great xmas this year!

  13. Celine said,

    Eh, City Square so so only leh compared to the others. I love the bears in Jusco Permas Jaya. Very very cute! The decorative items in Sutera Mall also not bad 🙂

  14. those mall decorations looks beautiful!

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