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Christmas in KL….

Posted in Kuala Lumpur,malaysia by chrisau on December 9, 2008
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More Christmas pictures here taken at the Klang Valley’s biggest malls – Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid. Compare to JB, the yuletide atmosphere over in KL is so much better and the decor are great!!

Below are taken at The Garden, Mid Valley.  I feel peaceful here, probably there’s lesser crowd here and the place is new. 🙂




Below are those taken from actual Mid Valley shopping centre. Lots of Christmas trees and it’s massively decorated.





Another section from the mega mall of Mid Valley, as shown below.



Here are the pictures from Sunway Pyramid. Kids will love this section as sweets are being distributed.


Photo taking section of Sunway Pyramid. Lots of folks queue up with their kids to snap pictures with Santa and Co.


Another section from the massive Sunway Pyramid. It’s so  red over here!




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  1. Gallivanter said,

    I was in Sunway Pyramid on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!!! 🙂

  2. Most of the items sold in The Gardens are high end product, which also means more pricey. Guess that is why less traffic there. It’s a beautiful atmosphere there

  3. chrisau said,

    Gallivanter – you stayed near there? Guess you must have bought a lot of stuffs. There’s lots of sales over there…..wonder what is economic downturn?? So many folks buying stuffs!

    BF: Yeap, it’s very expensive at the Gardens. Anyway, it nice walking around there.

  4. kikey said,

    you know what, the decoration in Malaysia is more pretty than Boston.

  5. chrisau said,

    kikey : i guess it’s more for commercial purposes over here!

  6. eugene said,

    hi bro, i kinda of like Calvin’s idea of us blogger friend meet up one day in KL, may be next year will do it during the christmas in KK, it is not impossible,isnt it ?

    As for in Penang,i cant really feel the christmasy mood here, dont know why, May be Ah Eng says save save la

  7. cleffairy said,

    I second you, Eugene. I would like to meet up with you guys too… I like the atmosphere in The Garden, but there is too expensive. I only go there when my dad stays there for his business trip… one more thing i need to applaud about garden is the Parking lot. Parking there is very easy, cheap and secure. No kidding. I’d say, the best I’ve ever seen. They even have security guards patrolling around on their kapchai!

  8. chrisau said,

    Sure Eugene and Cleffairy. I like to meet up with you guys too! Anyway, KL seems a better place, KK..erm…it’s far leh… haha..

  9. claire said,

    count me in too.. Eugene and company…. but i m not so sure about chris, he is so far away… haha.. maybe meet in IPOH.. the centre of north and south region..furthermore, IPOH’s things are cheaper…

    wei chris… along orchard rd this year not so many lightings as last time.. is it recession time or is it that the time is still too early ?

  10. chrisau said,

    claire: I haven’t step onto Orchard Rd yet since the lights are up. Maybe it’s recession lor as Spore very much depends on US.
    Ipoh sounds good but I will only be back at least mid next year. Maybe you guys can planned and I see if I can join.

  11. bebek said,

    Have a very blessed Christmas to you Chris, Janice and WeiHern… wish you all the best and happy new year 2009..

  12. yanz said,

    hey, how’s things? I’m here again after disappearing for soooooo long =P

    u were at Mid Valley! nice rite the decor =D

    they were handing out sweets??? too bad, i’m not a kid ‘nymore *sighhh* 😛

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