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Old Town White Coffee

Posted in coffee,kopitiam,malaysia by chrisau on January 31, 2009

I thought it’s a good idea to mention about old town coffee here. There are so many outlets being opened throughout the country lately and it’s becoming more like franchised fast food outlets. Anyway, not all the outlets are good and maybe they should perform a quality assurance check.


What I like most are their coffee, nasi lemak and hor fun soup, which are all my hometown, Ipoh, specialities. I also like their interior designed where most of the kopitiams tried to emulates.



Nanyang Memorably – RM3.20. After trying out most of their coffees, I still find this one is the best. It’s thick and full of aroma.


Ipoh Hor Fun – Rm6.30. It’s considered a high price paying for the bowl of hor fun at Rm6+ but that’s the only place where you can enjoyed it, outside Ipoh.

As a conclusion, their coffee and food are good but not all outlets produce and maintained the same standard.

This outlet is located at:- 1 Jalan Bestari 6/5, Taman Nusa Bestari, 81300 Skudai, JB.


Hwa Mui Kopitiam

Posted in coffee,Johor Bahru by chrisau on January 30, 2009

This used to be an old kopitiam situated in the heart of JB old town centreย  and heard that it was quite popular with JB folks then, especially the coffee and toasts.


And, recently, they have a opened a new outlet in the bustling Sutera Biz Centre at Taman Sutera. I was there during CNY and the place was crowded.ย  I ordered what they served best – coffee and kaya toasts.



Here’s the coffee – it’s thick (‘kau’) and got the aroma. However, it’s not sweet enough and thus, it’s slightly bitter. Well, I guess some folks like it this way. Overall, the coffee is good.



I love their kaya (coconut egg jam) toasts. The bread is thick and the kaya is so tasty with its sweet and creamy spread. Thumbs up to their kaya toast!

Yee Sang at Pekin Restaurant, JB

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia,yee sang by chrisau on January 24, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai!! May you have a prosperous and healthy Lunar New Year !!

Well, I patronised Pekin Restaurant again as they started to offer Yee Sang, where it was not on the menu yet during my last visit weeks ago.


Their Yee Sang is considered one of the better ones in JB and, also costlier than most of the restaurants here. However, it’s like any other typical ones where there’s no special ingredients added, like salmon fish slices, mango slices and etc. It’s more ofย  the traditional type with the usual ingredients on the big plate.


A closer look at the dish and, not forgetting the ‘fortune angpau’ – with a lottery ticket inside. ๐Ÿ™‚

My first Yee Sang this year….

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia,yee sang by chrisau on January 18, 2009

Well, it’s just a week more to Chinese New Year and I finally had my first yee sang yesterday. ๐Ÿ™‚ And what a way to start ‘lou sang’ at one of the finest restaurant that offers good yee sang – Chaw Yuan Restaurant in Nusa Bestari, JB.


Some of the special ingredients in their yee sang includes raw salmon fish, mango slices and pomelo, mixed together with the usual ingredients like jelly fish, carrot strips , condiments and plum sauce. I find that their Yee Sang is much more delicious than most of the restaurants in JB as it is well balanced in terms of sweetness and sourness. The crackers are very crunchy and I love the idea of having mango slices mixed together.


A mountain of ingredients – A closer shot ๐Ÿ™‚


This restaurant is usually crowded on weekends and you have wait a while for the tables and seats. Below are some of the dishes they recommended….


This is their specialty tofu! Nice and skillfully cooked with the fragnance of the gravy well absorbed into it.


I simply love this – Red Wine Pork Ribs ! It’s sweet and delicious and you can tasted red wine! It’s nice to eat this hot.



As above is another one of their specialties, fried prawn with fruit salad dipped in mayonaise. The entire prawn is actually hidden inside the crispy ‘skin’. I like the presentation of this dish.

Restaurant Chaw Yuan is located at – 1 Jalan Jati 2, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, JB.

Pekin Restaurant, JB

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on January 11, 2009
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Talking about food in JB will not be complete if this restaurant is not mentioned. One of the finest restaurant and well-known among the chinese community in JB, it has a few branches thoroughout JB and been around the business for a very long time!


This one which I’ve visited is located at Taman Sentosa, which is nearer to the JB CIQ. Usually packed on weekends and even weekdays, they are famous for their crabs. Anyway, too bad we didn’t have crabs for the night but still, have ordered some of their best dishes….


Fried prawns with sesame…..best eaten with ‘mantao’ (pau with no fillings). Put one of two fried prawns in the mantao and you have a good time chewing the sweet prawns with taste of sesame seeds all over your mouth and tastebud! ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s their specialty toufu. It’s very delicious though I can’t figured out what’s that ‘fungus’ like green thing covering half of the toufu.


And here’s one of my favourites…. half-fat pork braised with yam. This one sure whets up your appetiser! The pork and yam simply absorbed all the great and delicious gravy which was so fragrance when bit on it. You can easily order extra bowl of rice just because of this dish!

Pekin Restaurant is located at : – 38, Jalan Baidu Lima, Taman Sentosa 80150 JB.

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