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Cake and coffee on new year’s eve…

Posted in cakes,coffee,malaysia by chrisau on January 2, 2009

Well, it was the last day of 2008 and after knocking off from a half day of work, I felt like having a nice cuppa of coffee in the late afternoon. Thus, my wife, my son and myself ended up in Secret recipe again.  It was indeed a very lazy afternoon filled with holiday mood!


A chocolate cheese cake…. They really put a lot of cocoa inside as you can really taste the fragrance of chocolates when you bit on it. Very delicious!!


And it’s heaven when you sipped hot coffee done  in flat white after taking a few bites of the cake. And, that wraps up the afternoon before waiting for a better year ahead!

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone!!


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  1. claire said,

    this fella here really know how to tarn.. wei, brother Wah also peeped into yr blog the other night.. we were going thru all the comments in my posts and he wanted to see yours also.. all foodie stuff.. haha..like mine..

  2. Josephine said,

    Next time try their Cheeze Choc.
    Half choc and half cheese. One of my favorite!

  3. I really need to make a visit to Secret Recipe. Too bad there is no such outlet in my place

  4. calvin said,

    gulp!!! aiya. bro…..i drooled buckets last year. you have to make me stop!! 😛 but i cant help it!!!! im still drooling…..arghhhh!!!

  5. amy said,

    happy new year to you and your family, what a delightful sight, so yummy

  6. cleffairy said,

    OMG! Chocolate cheesecake! It’s my favourite and I haven’t been eating any since two years ago. It’s high time I go and raid Secret Recipe. LMAo… 😛

  7. chrisau said,

    claire – hope this inspired him to start a blog on christianity…hahaha…
    Jo: well, im actually having their cheese and choc. cake 🙂
    BF: Do it when u fly over to KL or Penang again!
    Calvin: haha…. get your java fix soon!
    amy: Happy new year 2009 to you too. Thanks for visiting!
    cleffairy: YOu muz be kidding….2 years w/o a cheesecake? Go get one now!!

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