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Station 1 cafe, JB

Posted in coffee,food,Johor Bahru,kopitiam,malaysia,nasi lemak by chrisau on January 4, 2009

I noticed this cafe in Puchong before and understand that it has many branches in the Klang Valley.  However, it has recently opened a new outlet in JB, at Taman Molek. I was there on a saturday morning enroute to Tesco Plentong and thought it’s a good idea to have our breakfast there.


The cafe looks great from outside. It’s big and do attracts passer-by from  the main road to Taman Molek or Taman Johor Jaya.


Nice interior design with a stage for performing. I guess there’s some live bands or ktv singing sessions at night.


OK, here comes the food. I had nasi lemak with fried chicken wing. Well, the nasi lemak is ok and I like the fried chicken which was quite nicely marinated and fried. (Anyway, I still loves the small packs of nasi lemak wrapped in banana leafs)


My wife had a ‘wat tan hor’ (kuay teow with egg  in soup). This is so-so only, I guess their specialty could be western food.


My kid loves garlic toasts, so we decided to order one for him. This was good and that convinced me more that they are better in western food. Must try a sirloin steak or a chicken chop on my next visit.


I love the mug but the coffee is just average. However, it’s good enough to start my day.


Another shot of the interior. Basically, this is a pleasant place for a coffee break and unwind. It’s quiet and windy here too, and I love their interior design. The place is clean while their crew of waiters/waiteresses are very friendly. And,not forgetting that there’s a wifi connection here.

Station 1 cafe is located at :- 78, Jalan Molek 2/2, Taman Molek, JB.


14 Responses to 'Station 1 cafe, JB'

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  1. amy said,

    nice place … the food looks delicious …

    thanks for sharing

  2. Gallivanter said,

    I don’t know about you, but I think there’s too much kopitiams already…. 😛

  3. claire said,

    yes, place is clean but food doesnt look attractive.. hehe.. anywaym, if belanja me also ok..

  4. chrisau said,

    amy: you’re welcome and thanks for commenting!

    gallivanter: haha…yup, it’s indeed a lot and im going to blog about them

    claire: sure, no problem. when’s the next trip to jb?

  5. eugene said,

    Seriously i dread to spend more than RM1.50 for a cup of kopi o,my usual Hainan kopi o will do a great fix every morning for me,and it costs only .70cents

  6. yanz said,

    i’ve never been to Station1 before… I’m still a loyal customer of ‘Old Town Kopitiam’ lah, hehehe =P OTK’s classic toast, french toast & their white coffee is the best!

  7. calvin said,

    i had breakfast there before, i think their branch in ss2. so, so only lor….nothing to shout about. i reckon their live band is only with the acoustics. cheers and god bless…. 🙂

  8. chrisau said,

    eugene: wow…dats cheap. Over in JB, a normal kopitiam charge around RM1.20

    yanz: old town is good but some branches produce mediocre food.

    Calvin: ok la… actually the food here is so-so but haven’t tried their western food, it seems nice to me.

  9. kikey said,

    the “wat tan hor” at Boston is quite nice..

  10. Josephine said,

    Is the owner the Singapore’s actor? Lee Guo Huang???

  11. chrisau said,

    kikey: wow… the chef must be from hongkong!

    josephine: issit? dunno le…

  12. kellaw said,

    saliva drooling liao….
    jb sumore. so far from kl….

  13. chrisau said,

    kellaw …there’s some in KL leh…

  14. constance said,

    oh cool, they even have their own mug like those gourmet coffee chains. i wonder if Old Towns has it? i had Old Town food here in Singapore and i must admit i like it a lot.. the nasi with chicken rendang was yummy! but i haven’t tried it in Malaysia, where it originates from.

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