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My first Yee Sang this year….

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia,yee sang by chrisau on January 18, 2009

Well, it’s just a week more to Chinese New Year and I finally had my first yee sang yesterday. 🙂 And what a way to start ‘lou sang’ at one of the finest restaurant that offers good yee sang – Chaw Yuan Restaurant in Nusa Bestari, JB.


Some of the special ingredients in their yee sang includes raw salmon fish, mango slices and pomelo, mixed together with the usual ingredients like jelly fish, carrot strips , condiments and plum sauce. I find that their Yee Sang is much more delicious than most of the restaurants in JB as it is well balanced in terms of sweetness and sourness. The crackers are very crunchy and I love the idea of having mango slices mixed together.


A mountain of ingredients – A closer shot 🙂


This restaurant is usually crowded on weekends and you have wait a while for the tables and seats. Below are some of the dishes they recommended….


This is their specialty tofu! Nice and skillfully cooked with the fragnance of the gravy well absorbed into it.


I simply love this – Red Wine Pork Ribs ! It’s sweet and delicious and you can tasted red wine! It’s nice to eat this hot.



As above is another one of their specialties, fried prawn with fruit salad dipped in mayonaise. The entire prawn is actually hidden inside the crispy ‘skin’. I like the presentation of this dish.

Restaurant Chaw Yuan is located at – 1 Jalan Jati 2, Taman Nusa Bestari Jaya, 81300 Skudai, JB.


15 Responses to 'My first Yee Sang this year….'

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  1. Wow! I never try Yee Sang before

    • chrisau said,

      that’s surprising, BF! Is it not popular over in Miri?

  2. Gallivanter said,

    Not a huge fan of yee sang…a little too sweet for my liking… 🙂

    • chrisau said,

      yo Gallivanter…. i guess you need to find those with the right balance and that’s what I called nice yee sang!

  3. Josephine said,

    I have never try yee sang with mangoes. izzit nice?

    • chrisau said,

      Jo: it complements the sourness of the yee sang….

  4. claire said,

    wei..next time write the price too.. i m particular..haha.. if worth it, then i makan.. unless of course, u sponsor me then i wont ask la.. so when coming to our house during cny? this time give bigger ang pow ah… now my kids all big already lo..

    • chrisau said,

      sure sis… no problem. The yee sang (smallest serving) cost around rm28. The entire meal (including another plate of vegetables, teapot and bowls of rice) cost around Rm91.

  5. harmony said,

    Oh i love tofu too, i bet the tofu is soft and will dissolves straight into my mouth

    • chrisau said,

      yup yup harmony!

  6. calvin said,

    yummy *drooling*

    • chrisau said,

      haha…calvin. Im sure Kuantan got lots of great food man. Will want to come over someday!

  7. Celine said,

    I am not a big fan of Yee Sang but I always love the salmon 😀

  8. cleffairy said,

    Ermmm… I’m scared of dropping my chopsticks into the plate during the yee sang tossing…. OMG!!!!

  9. harmony said,

    on second look, i think i like the ribs too…. its stir fried in wine right … omg..

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