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Hwa Mui Kopitiam

Posted in coffee,Johor Bahru by chrisau on January 30, 2009

This used to be an old kopitiam situated in the heart of JB old town centre  and heard that it was quite popular with JB folks then, especially the coffee and toasts.


And, recently, they have a opened a new outlet in the bustling Sutera Biz Centre at Taman Sutera. I was there during CNY and the place was crowded.  I ordered what they served best – coffee and kaya toasts.



Here’s the coffee – it’s thick (‘kau’) and got the aroma. However, it’s not sweet enough and thus, it’s slightly bitter. Well, I guess some folks like it this way. Overall, the coffee is good.



I love their kaya (coconut egg jam) toasts. The bread is thick and the kaya is so tasty with its sweet and creamy spread. Thumbs up to their kaya toast!


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  1. Gallivanter said,


  2. chrisau said,

    yeah man ..i love it too!

  3. calvin said,

    wah….another kopitiam. sien already lar 🙂

    • chrisau said,

      bo bian, Calvin! They opened more and more and I keep trying the kopi. 🙂

  4. Have not taken coffee and toast for a long time now. Maybe can’t find a decent one over here

    • chrisau said,

      actually BF, if you can brew some good coffee and buy some nice kaya, you still can enjoy this simple meal.

  5. harmony said,

    I love kaya toast very much accompanied with the nice nice fragrant coffee.

    • chrisau said,

      it’s heaven, harmony.

  6. claire said,

    shouldnt have come here at this hour… midnite.. now hv to go down to take something to eat.. what la…haha.

    • chrisau said,

      haha… claire. come in with a full stomach next time.

  7. Hi

    I was born in Johore Bahru in 1950 and grew up in my grandparents’ house in Jalan Dhoby which is about four stones’ throw from Hwa Mui.

    Once a month, Dad would go for his haircut and he would stop at Hwa Mui and order dinner for us – utterly sumptious Char Kway teow – i swear that the taste of those long gone days just cannot be captured today.

    Their coffee and toast, the ambience – its a memory today. I am sure todays taste will many peoles memories in years to come.

    Seeing that building there is comfort enough on my rare visits to johor baru – even the town is spelt differently!

    • chrisau said,

      Hi Siva, thanks for visiting and shared about the old Hwa Mui!

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