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Nyonya kuih in Sedap Corner

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on February 23, 2009

This is another popular chain of restaurants found in JB and have been here for a  long time. You can almost find Sedap Corner everywhere in all the shopping centres in JB. They specialises in local food mainly malay, peranakan and chinese food.  Here’s an outlet from Pelangi Plaza.


I simply love their nyonya kuih and decided to have some for tea. Well, I can’t really remember all the names of the kuih.



Here’s my favourite – bingkah ubi and pulut Inti and not forgetting a refreshing cup of teh tarik.


In addition, you can enjoy a nice scenery of JB city area from atop at the restaurant, which was located at 5th level.



Click here for the  the map of Plaza Pelangi.


SDS Cafeteria, JB

Posted in coffee,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on February 19, 2009

Another chain of cafeteria cum pastry that’s worth mentioning in JB is the SDS cake shop or SDS cafeteria. Like Lavender and Season, they have many outlets all over JB and they sold cakes, breads and buns  besides operating a restaurant which offers both western and local food.


Since it’s tea time, I go for their recommended club sandwich. This cost around Rm7.90 where the sandwich consists of egg, ham, salad and chicken meat. It’s a decent meal which can keep your hunger pangs till 8pm for dinner.


And, not forgetting a cup of java at Rm2.50. The coffee is freshly brewed and it’s good.


This SDS branch is located at- 1 Jalan Kebudayaan 2, Taman Universiti

Hook Sang restaurant

Posted in fish,food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on February 15, 2009

I was at Bukit Indah, JB,  last saturday to check out the newly opened Jusco and was introduced to this restaurant in Bukit Indah. Heard that this place is very crowded at night and we are lucky to be there earlier where there is a lesser crowd.


OK, the food… as below is their recommended tofu dish. The tofu is smooth and slightly spicy. It’s consider a big serving and it’s quite filling after taken two ‘slices’ of it. This cost Rm10.


Below is fish slices fried with ginger and garlic. This whets up my appetite and I thought it would be even better if it’s deer meat. The taste and smell of the ginger is very strong and it’s all over the gravy. This cost RM12.


The loh hon chai (mixed vegetables) is so so only but it complement the other dishes with an assortment of vegetables and mushrooms. Nice to eat it hot! Cost- Rm10.


Guess I should go back there and try the more adventurous dishes like crabs, prawns and etc.

The restaurant is located at – 1 Jalan Indah 16/8, Bukit Indah, JB.

Ayam Penyet

Posted in singapore,Singapore food by chrisau on February 12, 2009

I’m not a fan of malay food but this Ayam Penyet stuff seems to be getting popular in Singapore. It seems like every malay foodstalls are dishing out this delicious meal and I just happened to notice a A4 poster at a nearby malay stall saying they ‘got sell’ too. 🙂

Well, it’s actually fried chicken rice where the chicken is served on a traditional thick round wood (I can’t find the word to describe it) with lots of mouth watering belacan (shrimp paste) by the side. Tomatos, fried toufu and cabbages comes together with it too.

Just squeeze the lime juice onto the chicken and spread belacan onto the chicken meat and you’re in for a great meal!



This usually cost around S$4 and one of the better ones that I tried was at the foodcourt opposite Parkway Parade and Ubi Ave 2.

Bibimbap with beef…

Posted in Singapore food by chrisau on February 10, 2009
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I thought it’s a good idea I start blogging on food found in foodcourts around Singapore, especially those that in my opinion, it’s great or affordable. It doesn’t really have to be found in famous makan haunts but can be around the most deserted area in the island. Anyway, in times like this, it’s better to save up for a cheaper and decent meal.

I tried this korean stuff  in Kaki Bukit for lunch today and thought it’s affordable. It was a big bowl of rice mixed with egg, vegetables, lots of beef slices which comes with Kimchi and other vegetables. I find that Bibimbap is a healthy meal and you can have it without meat too. In fact, I can’t even finished it!



The stall can be found in :- Enterprise One, 1 kaki Bukit Road 1. This cost around S$5

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