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Last Yee Sang for 2009..

Posted in singapore,yee sang by chrisau on February 9, 2009

Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebrations and I have had my last yee sang on friday and today’s lunch.

This is the Yee Sang that I had during my company’s lunch at Bumbu Restaurant, 20 Cross Street #01-25 China Square Central – China Court in Singapore. The yee sang was rich with salmon slices and you can see it ‘blanketing’ the dish! Anyway, I feel that the salmon slices has ‘overdo’ the dish and it’s a bit unbalanced in terms of ingredients, though it looks good!


Overall, it was a quiet CNY for me as for the first time in my life, I didn’t celebrate it in my hometown, Ipoh due to the birth of my second child. CNY seems pretty quiet in JB and SG and I do really miss the atmosphere back in hometown. Hopefully, it will be a great one next year!

Wishing everyone a Happy Chap Goh Meh and Chinese Valentine’s Day!


10 Responses to 'Last Yee Sang for 2009..'

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  1. Josephine said,

    Happy Chap Goh May!
    The Yee Sang look really nice!

    But I vegetarian today…

    • chrisau said,

      You too, Josephine! So, u r vegetarian on 1st and 15th day of the lunar calendar?

  2. claire said,

    yeah…ipoh is also quiet without u hahaa..,,we went to visit yr mum last tuesday..that was when we lost our doggie..when we came back from visiting, jingle bell was missing.. just a couple of hours only..

    • chrisau said,

      awww..claire. Hope he returned soon!

  3. How many yee sang you had this year?

    • chrisau said,

      hmm.. BF, let me count. i think around 6 yee sang.

  4. calvin said,

    wah….usually, you can hardly see the salmon. the ones you had were enormous. 🙂

    • chrisau said,

      yeah lor calvin.

  5. amy said,

    i noticed the salmon right away….i think i will like this food….visiting back here

    • chrisau said,

      im craving for sashimi now, amy!

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