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F15D Eagle

Posted in malaysia,plastic models by chrisau on March 31, 2009

phew…..I finally completed my F15D Eagle fighter. I actually bought it last October but don’t really have the time to work on it and been really slow in getting the parts stick up, which for some experts, it could have been completed in 2-3 days. Anyway, I’m delighted that I’ve finally completed it weeks ago, and looking forward to my next project – The Mustang.


Here’s the cover of  that big box.


As above is the first ‘module’ to complete …the cockpit  which included the painting too. I actually sprayed paint onto the body and painted the rest with brush, with black and dark grey. Well, the cockpit actually consists of many smaller parts stick together, like the seats, tyre and body.


As above is the next big part,  the body of the fighter. Below is the body without the wings yet and also, without paint yet.


Below are some of the parts involved in forming the model like the turbo fan engines, missiles and oil tank.




Here’s the completed model with paint but without the decal yet.


The back of the jet, still without decal yet.


And ,finally the 100% completed model with decals, which is actually the toughest part of  the project.  😦


A front close view of the model.


Back view……


And, side view.

Click here for more information of the F15 Eagle.



Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on March 29, 2009

Well,  I was at a lost on what to have for tea while waiting for my wife to fetch me at a shopping centre last saturday. Just had my lunch 2 hours ago, I thought most of the food on the menu are too heavy for me and thought of settling for something light like sandwiches and etc. And, as below, I ended up with a healthy green salad, and again, had it with One thousand island sauce.  Cost – RM6.80


I complement the salad with another healthy drink – Earl Grey Tea. This really refreshes me up after having stuck in the jam at the causeway and ready to start my weekend break back home. 🙂 Cost – RM3.20



And, here’s Season Cafe in Plaza Pelangi. Season is a chain of bistros and pastries and can be found almost everywhere in JB.

Year 2000 First day cover

Posted in sharing by chrisau on March 28, 2009

While doing some houskeeping on my drawer which was full of mess, I came across these first day cover which I bought on the first day of the millenium! It’s really a forgotten item which was residing in my drawer for almost one decade. I was wondering how much it cost now for something I bought around S$10-S$20 on 1/1/2000.


The stamps for the year 2000 millenium.


The first day cover.

Not an avid stamp collector, but I thought I will keep this for a long  time until it fetch a good price. 🙂

Shopping for camera

Posted in malaysia,sharing by chrisau on March 27, 2009

My Canon Powershot A630 camera was broken last sunday when it was  dropped onto the floor while the lens are still zoomed and it was not able to retract back. It was bought 2 years+ ago at S$540, with 8 MP and 4x optical zoom. Thought of sending it for repair but guess it’s not worthwhile, seeing that cameras are getting cheaper lately.

I’ve been exploring some models and found these two to my liking.

Canon EOS450D – This is the cheapest among all Canon’s  DSLR and I always dream of having a DSLR. It cost around S$1k at retail price and that’s the reason I have been putting off the idea of getting a DSLR, it’s too expensive! Well, need to check my budget.

A near replacement for my old camera will be this one- Canon Powershot A2000 IS. It cost around S$399 at retail price and what I like is their 6x optical zoom. I always love cameras with good zooming capability.

Another option is to get a cheaper brand like Ricoh or Olympus which has all the same or better features like the A2000 IS, but may not have the same quality as Canon. What do you guys think? Btw, I’ve been using Canon all along.

Curry Laksa

Posted in curry laksa,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on March 24, 2009

I came across another review of JB food in The Star Metro last sunday. This place has been in JB for very long and and it’s a popular makan place. I tried the laksa before, it’s very delicious and the serving is just nice, not too little and much!! Read on…. – Chris


36-A, Jalan Kolam Air.

Open 7.30am-3pm. Closed on Tuesdays.

MORE famously known as the “Water Works Laksa”, this local favourite has humble beginnings from a makeshift stall nearby. It’s run by a mother-and-daughter team.

Served with Singapore beehoon (a fatter type of rice vermicelli) the curry laksa has a nice home-cooked taste.

The soup is not too thick, so the coconut cream does not overwhelm.

While it can’t be described as spectacular, it is a very pleasant, easy-to-like laksa with fresh ingredients like fish balls, cockles, fried wantan skin and bean curd puffs. It is also available in clear soup (ch’ng thong).

Source-Sunday Star Metro

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