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Old ‘cake & bread’ shop in JB

Posted in cakes,Johor Bahru,malaysia,sharing by chrisau on March 1, 2009

I ‘finally’ found another great recommendation from The Sunday Star Metro again. I tried this ‘super’ old bread shop before and many times in JB and their banana cakes are so good that you can’t helping yourself to it. Read on……..


13, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Johor Baru,

Open 8am-6pm.

Closed on Sundays (Baking starts after 12.30pm)

IF you have only a few hours to spend in J.B., make this one of your stops. For folks caught in the fast lane, this old-world bakery is a window to another way of life.

The over 80-year-old bakery was started by the late patriarch Lim Joo Ban. The bread is still made the same way he did it when he arrived from Hainan Island in 1928, although the business is now run by his children and grandchildren.

A huge woodfire oven dominates the small shop, the walls blackened by years of smoke. Here, tradition is written in stone: the writing in soot is baked into the red brick of the kiln. Regulars know when the breads will be out of the oven and start queueing up 10 minutes before baking is done.

Many have been enjoying the breads and cakes here since they were children.

The bakery is famous for its banana cake. Soft and moist with the intoxicating perfume of bananas, the melt-in-your-mouth cake is one of the best around.

Also available are French loaves and sandwich bread. All breads and cakes are sold directly from their shop.

The products must be consumed within three days of purchase because no preservatives are used.



10 Responses to 'Old ‘cake & bread’ shop in JB'

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  1. claire said,

    wei..nice or not the hot buns? remember cold storage last time near our town house? that one is nice ho.. sweet and nice..i miss those…

  2. Celine said,

    Hey Chris, those bread looks tasty! But where about in JB?

  3. amy said,

    i am back here , checking some new posts…..

    this is really nice to know that there are still old bakery existed

    very nice, thanks for sharing

  4. I always like traditionally baked bread

  5. calvin said,

    im not an avid bread lover…..but my wife is. sure kena pester to go there one after she read’s your blog. šŸ™‚

  6. Josephine said,

    When are u coming to SG huh?
    Can import the bread for me ar?

  7. chrisau said,

    claire- yup, i miss the doughnut at that bakery above cold storage. I remember your mum ask me to buy the 30cents per loaf of bread up there.Well, i missed those childhood times in cockman st.

    Celine- It’s in JB old town… hard to describe it.

    amy – yup, and the good thing is they still produce delicious buns using the old ways.

    BF : me too

    Calvin: haha..bring her here. You can drop me a msg via facebook if you coming over.

    Jo: err..i will be in SG during weekdays. If you want, can la, after I go back to JB during weekends I buy for ya.

  8. Sophia said,

    I just started patronising this little bakery since few months ago. I always buy loads to keep in the freezer so that it would last us at least a few days.
    Once we got nearly 10 packets of the buns(coconut, sardin,peanut) and banana bread for our road trip to Penang. There were only ONE bun left by the time we reach our destination!
    The buns are best consumed within a few hours of out of oven.
    Highly recommended!

  9. clement said,

    I’am still purchasing bread and the special banana whenever came to town. loving bakery shop

    • clement said,

      The cost banana cake is RM 8.00 only.

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