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Shopping for camera

Posted in malaysia,sharing by chrisau on March 27, 2009

My Canon Powershot A630 camera was broken last sunday when it was  dropped onto the floor while the lens are still zoomed and it was not able to retract back. It was bought 2 years+ ago at S$540, with 8 MP and 4x optical zoom. Thought of sending it for repair but guess it’s not worthwhile, seeing that cameras are getting cheaper lately.

I’ve been exploring some models and found these two to my liking.

Canon EOS450D – This is the cheapest among all Canon’s  DSLR and I always dream of having a DSLR. It cost around S$1k at retail price and that’s the reason I have been putting off the idea of getting a DSLR, it’s too expensive! Well, need to check my budget.

A near replacement for my old camera will be this one- Canon Powershot A2000 IS. It cost around S$399 at retail price and what I like is their 6x optical zoom. I always love cameras with good zooming capability.

Another option is to get a cheaper brand like Ricoh or Olympus which has all the same or better features like the A2000 IS, but may not have the same quality as Canon. What do you guys think? Btw, I’ve been using Canon all along.


6 Responses to 'Shopping for camera'

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  1. claire said,

    buy one and let me try ..then i let u know.. hehe..

  2. chrisau said,

    sure sure claire..when i come back to ipoh, let u try enough enough.. 😀

  3. jen said,

    arr…you’re from ipoh?? we are sekampung =P

  4. chrisau said,

    jen : ya lor…. ipoh mari!

  5. Sheilah Ann said,

    canon IXUS 100IS is better… 😀

    • chrisau said,

      hmm sheilah ..i somehow dun quite like ixus though the quality is much better than powershot. there’s not many functions to play with.

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