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Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on March 29, 2009

Well,  I was at a lost on what to have for tea while waiting for my wife to fetch me at a shopping centre last saturday. Just had my lunch 2 hours ago, I thought most of the food on the menu are too heavy for me and thought of settling for something light like sandwiches and etc. And, as below, I ended up with a healthy green salad, and again, had it with One thousand island sauce.  Cost – RM6.80


I complement the salad with another healthy drink – Earl Grey Tea. This really refreshes me up after having stuck in the jam at the causeway and ready to start my weekend break back home. 🙂 Cost – RM3.20



And, here’s Season Cafe in Plaza Pelangi. Season is a chain of bistros and pastries and can be found almost everywhere in JB.


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  1. claire said,

    agree with u.. this morning i feel muak.. feel like taking some fruits and vege for breakfast..but instead ended up eating tosai again..urgh..

  2. jen said,

    been quite some time since i last had salad.
    hmm feel like having it now but too lazy to go out for lunch, so sunny.
    i’ll melt if i step out from my office T__T

  3. Haro Genki said,

    I gladly pay for healthy food. I’ll eat it everytime.

  4. calvin said,

    that’s quite a big portion of salad…..*yummy*

  5. meryl said,

    hi, i am craving for salad now! ^_^

    btw, i added you to my list so i could visit u more often…

  6. Josephine said,

    I love Earl Grey tea!!!
    Just in love with its fragrance…

  7. chrisau said,

    claire : tosai ? that’s very fatty and heaty leh. You should take something healthier.
    jen: is ipoh very hot now? Well, you can always make your own salad.
    harogenki: ya…. u must be very slim then. care to share your pic in your blog?
    calvin: not really… camera trick. The portion is small.
    meryl : thanks..will add yours too!
    Jo: my wife and I loved it too…especially with spagetti. eh..tot u have a lot of tea and coffee in Bali liao?

  8. cleffairy said,

    Ear grey’s tea! LOL… my favourite mat salleh’s tea! Nice one, bro. Perhaps next time you should try Camomile and peppermint tea. They are refreshing too!

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