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F15D Eagle

Posted in malaysia,plastic models by chrisau on March 31, 2009

phew…..I finally completed my F15D Eagle fighter. I actually bought it last October but don’t really have the time to work on it and been really slow in getting the parts stick up, which for some experts, it could have been completed in 2-3 days. Anyway, I’m delighted that I’ve finally completed it weeks ago, and looking forward to my next project – The Mustang.


Here’s the cover of  that big box.


As above is the first ‘module’ to complete …the cockpit  which included the painting too. I actually sprayed paint onto the body and painted the rest with brush, with black and dark grey. Well, the cockpit actually consists of many smaller parts stick together, like the seats, tyre and body.


As above is the next big part,  the body of the fighter. Below is the body without the wings yet and also, without paint yet.


Below are some of the parts involved in forming the model like the turbo fan engines, missiles and oil tank.




Here’s the completed model with paint but without the decal yet.


The back of the jet, still without decal yet.


And ,finally the 100% completed model with decals, which is actually the toughest part of  the project.  😦


A front close view of the model.


Back view……


And, side view.

Click here for more information of the F15 Eagle.


11 Responses to 'F15D Eagle'

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  1. claire said,

    haha…u and yr toy… u should be a aircraft line.. perhaps u motivate yr son now.. he might want to do what his father has not done.. haha…

  2. poypogi said,

    finally! for the longest time you’ve been telling me about this, you’ve finally finished your eagle. congrats!

    now go for the x-wing

  3. jen said,

    wow impressive

  4. Hope to see more of this cool stuffs here in the future

  5. eugene said,

    Wa ,wa wa, you must be hell of a meticulous and very detailed person,i really dont have the patience for this,or may be my eyesight will not help either,,

    keep it,

  6. calvin said,

    that is one cool f15…didnt know you were into this hobby. i was before, but the parts kept going missing. so fed up already 😛

  7. chrisau said,

    claire – dun think i can be in the aircraft line else there will more accidents…haha…
    poypogi – way to go bro!! take me to tampines!
    jen – thanks!
    BF : sure….my next project will be a mustang or maybe an x-wing.
    eugene – yup, u need lots of patience and ‘calmness’ and bright lights….. so, i usually stopped when i feels tired.
    calvin – haha… i actually messed up a lot of models since young …

  8. amy said,

    wow, finally it is now posted…i love these kind of hobby too, i got toy cars at home but, i hope when i come back my collections are still there, my nephews are eyeing on it…hahaha

    good job..thanks for the visit while i was away and i posted most of the pictures on my two blogs already

    God bless

    • chrisau said,

      amy : yeap…it’s been slow. I will get another one soon!

  9. meryl said,

    hi chrisau,
    that’s a cool toy…^_^
    by the way chrisau, i added you to my bloggers list so i could visit you more often. hope you’ll add me too?

    • chrisau said,

      Thanks Meryl. Sure, will add you!

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