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P-51D Mustang

Posted in plastic models by chrisau on April 12, 2009

Whoa! This is probably one of the finest model that I did, and also the shortest – 3 days (not full days). It was the Easter weekend holidays and I thought it’s a good idea to build a Mustang, since I’m in S’pore as my family is back with my in-laws. Here’s what I got …. from Tamiya.



The completed model – P-51 Mustang, one of the popular and fastest WW2 fighters and among the last propeller fighters, before the jet fighters came into the picture.


Above, just started working on the model by cutting out the parts for assembly, as well as painting.


The instructions and guide… this one was easier though, compared to my last two models that I did.


Partially completed on major modules of the fighter. The wing and the body with paint applied. It was spray paint and the colour is aluminium. The cock-pit and pilot were painted with brush with various colours – black, brown, yellow and light blue.


70% completed..as above.


Got the front part painted with blue by spraying on it. I have to apply masking tape to ensure the spray won’t hit other places.


And, fast forward to the next day….. the completed model. A closer shot at the front portion.


The propellers… it’s not fixed and can turn.


A portrait of the fighter with decals applied.


The cock-pit and the engine area…. with a red and yellow banner decal wrap near the propellers.


One of my favourite part of the fighter where there’s a lot decals applied here making the fighter looks good!


The back of the fighter, above and below.



And, finally, viewing the plane from the sides.



10 Responses to 'P-51D Mustang'

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  1. cleffairy said,

    =.= you must have a lot of patience! no kidding, to be completing complicated models like that! I can never do such thing even at gunpoint!

  2. Nice paint job

  3. poypogi said,

    nice =)

  4. Josephine said,

    It looks so small.
    I think if I was the one who fix it rite, I think I will lose some of its parts before I completed it…

  5. jen said,

    is it expensive?
    it looks more fun than puzzle.
    maybe i should buy one and then assemble it since i’m so free =D

  6. chrisau said,

    cleffairy – well..not sure if i’m very patience but this kind of thingy do requires it. Probably, it’s interest. Anyway, I don’t have to finish it in a day or two. Can take my own sweet time.

    Bf, pogi – thanks

    Jo : erm..i did ‘break’ some parts when i first started.

    jen: Around S$30-S$60, depending on the scales of the models. Then, you also need to get the paints which is around S$10+ per spray. Yup, try it but not sure where you can get in Ipoh.

  7. jen said,

    ya lorr, don’t know where can get in ipoh. will try to ask my guy friends =)

  8. kikey said,

    did u post all your collection b4?
    i really wanna see how many u have? :p

  9. calvin said,

    cooooool!!! 🙂

  10. chrisau said,

    jen – i think u also need your guy friends to help u out…not as simple as jigsaw.

    kikey – yes…i posted all ..check out my tag – plastic models. so far, only four of them.

    calvin – 🙂

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