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Lunch @ Courts Mammoth

Posted in food,singapore by chrisau on April 16, 2009

I was in Singapore over the weekend and decided to go to Courts with my brother to check out digicams and lcd tvs, which my bro purchase a 37″ LG LCD TV. I was there to try out the various cameras on displayed, before buying  it with other retailers, since they can give better price than Courts. The outlet I went to is none other than the biggest one in Singapore, situated near Ikea and Giant at Tampines.

Ok, here’s our lunch. I was surprise that they cater to an affordable set lunch which is presentable and tasty. I usually dine at Ikea when I’m there, where they have more varieties of food.


The set comes with a mushroom soup, a dessert and a coffee, with the main dish in grilled fish.


A closer look at the grill fish, which comes with a mash potato and salad. The grilled fish was delicious and kinda filling too.


Here’s the coffee, freshly brewed and ‘thick’. I needed three packs of sugar to remove the bitter taste! Altogether this cost $S10, which I think it’s affordable.

Box Bistro is located at Courts, 50, Tampines North Drive 2.


13 Responses to 'Lunch @ Courts Mammoth'

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  1. claire said,

    hey bro..dont always drink coffee leh… heart ah..
    btw, u remember kellie? the one supposedly yr gf? haha..she is getting married next week .. many years later than u …

  2. chrisau said,

    claire – coffee ok wat, as long as you don’t gulp more than 2 cups a day. oh..kellie … send my congrats to her.

  3. Not bad. Reasonable price

    • chrisau said,

      BF – yeap….. reasonable!

  4. Harogenki said,

    Meatballs!! Why didnt you had them 😦

  5. meryl said,

    hi chrisau, i love the photo..makes me hungry…

    i love grilled fish..yumyum

  6. kikey said,

    the portion look small, maybe because of the photo..

    p/s: follow tour also better, cos no need to plan so much. :p

  7. yanz said,

    i noticed… u like coffee alot, alot of ur pics also with coffee, haha =P

  8. jen said,

    how come there’s no eatery in the courts mammoth at ipoh?
    i’m a caffeine addict too hehe =P
    btw, kellie..hehe

  9. chrisau said,

    harogenki – meatballs? that’s ikea right?

    meryl – yeah..but the fishes must be fresh.

    kikey – it’s actually small but the potato and the soup are filling.

    yanz – yup yup..but not more than 2 cups per day else my heart will palpitates.

    jen – eh..got courts in ipoh meh? hehe…. sis claire too kaypoh liao.

  10. calvin said,

    oooooo……id love the coffee. gimme some!! 😛

  11. jen said,

    you made me doubt if you’re from ipoh now =P haha!

  12. Ju Ann said,

    sounds yummy but i live damn far from tampines!! :/

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