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Let’s Eat Restaurant

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on May 11, 2009

Well, found a new eatery here  in Taman Molek , JB and this one is serving Hong Kong food. Yes, there’s really a lot of ‘char chan teng’ lately but this one is a bit …different. At least, there are lots more food here instead of those typical ones you found in ‘char chan teng’ like Nissin noodles, cheese baked rice and etc.


Nicely furnished, simple and clean, I like the place. The sofa is big enough for three adults , I believe.


Ok, here’s the food. As above is French Fried Rice which cost Rm6.90. There’s really a lot of luncheon meat and tomatos added to this big plate of rice.


Here’s one of their specialty – Roasted Honey Spare Ribs which cost RM7.90. The ribs are sweet and delicious! It was nicely roasted and marinated!


I like this, Ginger Onion Beef Rice, and it cost around Rm9.90. The ginger and gravy are just nice to mix with the rice…yummy!


Fancy trying white coffee from Hong Kong? This is my first time and well, it tasted a bit like the Ipoh Old town white coffee  though. To a coffee lover like me, this is good. Cost : RM4.90


And, this Iced ‘YingYong’ (Coffee mixed with tea) tells all, it  is really special….. Cost : RM3.90.

Let’s Eat Restaurant is located at – 23, Jalan Molek 2/3 Taman Molek


11 Responses to 'Let’s Eat Restaurant'

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  1. calvin said,

    i tot you ate the whole restaurant….lolz. coz your post title. 😛

    • chrisau said,

      calvin – i wish…gobble up all the food there.

  2. claire said,

    wei.. tarning again huh…but cheap la… next time i belanja u..

    • chrisau said,

      claire – ok la… three adults and 2 kids ate around Rm40. Reasonable la.

  3. jen said,

    that beef rice looks good, i’m a beef lover hehe.

    • chrisau said,

      jen – me too, i love beef.

  4. cleffairy said,

    Eh? The french fried rice looks really nice, reminds me of nasi briyani. How does it taste? Looks really tasty…. 😀

  5. meryl said,

    hi chrisau, the food looks yummy ..great presentation too.
    i love spare ribs yumyum…
    the beef onion rice and the french rice looks good too..
    wow! you are also a coffee lover like me ^_^ but now I just only drink once a week…I drink tea almost everyday ^_^
    by the way, the comment of calvin is kinda funny ^_^
    how are you by the way? any plans for weekends?

  6. amy said,

    Roasted Honey Spare Ribs is really yummy. Thanks for sharing. Now, I missed the spare ribs at Hard Rock.

    Was here today. Happy Sunday!

  7. meryl said,

    happy weekend chrisau!

  8. doing my rounds here again

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