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Scenes of JB City

Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia by chrisau on May 19, 2009

It was a rainy saturday afternoon and with my new camera on hand, I decided to snap some pictures of JB skyline from a nearby building.  The pictures are not that clear due to the hazy effect of the rain, but do enjoy.


The MMA building and New York Hotel from afar (above and below)



Thanks to my 10x optical zoom camera, manage to zoom closer to this hotel from where I stand.


JB’s indoor stadium, where it has hosted some international badminton competitions, like the Asian Badminton Championships. Far behind is JB’s old town and Singapore.


Here’s the police HQ, looking down from a building. Taman Pelangi is far behind.


Focusing on Stulang laut (the place where Mas Selamat has landed in JB..haha..). Notice the pipes which belongs to Singapore. The Zon Hotel (formerly known as Eden) is at the centre, between two buildings.


Here’s the Metropolis tower and Selesa Hotel, at the heart of the city.


The MAA building, one of the better looking ones in the skyline.


A close shot of one of the pedestrian overhead bridge to Citibank Plaza.


And, here’s Menara Pelangi. It’s was really drizzling heavily at that time when I took this shot. 🙂


A landscape shot that shows the stadium, Police HQ and some buildings near Taman Pelangi behind.


And, taken earlier from nearby Taman Johor jaya on Hotel Dorsett. The sun was still shining then. 🙂


9 Responses to 'Scenes of JB City'

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  1. claire said,

    where did u snap? no go makan? when coming back to IPOH?

    • chrisau said,

      claire- i snap it at one of the building nearby. Got go makan..later i post.

  2. I don’t get to explore JB very much last time

    • chrisau said,

      BF – I intend to take more pics to show more of JB. These are just long distance shots taken at one spot.

  3. jen said,

    i nvr been to JB *paiseh*
    btw why like so hazy gehh?

  4. meryl said,

    hi chrisau. nice shots!
    u got a good camera too! thanks for sharing. ^_^

  5. annjoy said,

    when will you be in JB till?

  6. annjoy said,

    oops sorry i figure you might not recognise me.. haha i am Ju Ann from http://judging-me.blogspot.com

    • chrisau said,

      ju ann – lol … r u going to jb?

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