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This is what I had for tea last sat…

Posted in Johor Bahru,sharing by chrisau on June 29, 2009

Well, lately I have nothing much to blog about, probably have exhausted all the good makan stuffs around town. 🙂 I was busy too lately with work, my new plastic model that I’m working on, family time with my two kids, going back to my church’s care group every friday nights, badminton sessions twice weekly and etc. My schedules are really packed during weekdays except weekends where I usually spent with my family.

However, I indeed had a nice peaceful and personal time  last sat during tea at Pelangi plaza while waiting for my wife to fetch me home. Sipping earl grey tea while reading the dailies, especially news on  the sudden death of MJ and some not so tragic news on sports and movies  makes my saturday afternoon. And, not forgetting what I had – a healthy aglio olio with olive oil and mushroom. Here you are –


And, that’s another de-stressing saturday. 😛


Thai food@Black Canyon

Posted in food,Johor Bahru,malaysia,Thai food by chrisau on June 21, 2009

This was my first time trying out the food at this restaurant, though they have a few outlets in JB where all are located in Jusco. Initially I thought they served western food but to my surprise, it’s actually primarily thai food. What I Like is that they have lots of set meals which makes it affordable to dine here.


This tom yam soup comes together with the set meals. This is one of the better ones I’ve tried before, with it’s very strong fragrance of the usual herbs like lemongrass and tamarind. However, it’s also very spicy and there’s not much ingredients in the soup except mushrooms. Anyway, thumbs up to their tom yam for the strong fragrance!


My wife had the rice with chicken basil and like the tom yam, it’s very nice but too spicy for us. Probably, folks who like spicy food will love this!


I had the non spicy and ‘safer’ shitake mushroom with chicken set meal. It’s a pleasant dish and I love the amount of shitake mushrooms that they added. Furthermore, I’m love mushrooms!


And, not fogetting a glass of refreshing watermelon juice to cool down the body. The drink comes with the set. The set which I have – tom yum soup, watermelon juice and the main dish cost around RM9.90.

Black Canyon restaurant is located at – Lot G5, Aeon Bukit Indah, 8 Jalan Indah 15/2, Bukit Indah, JB.

Japanese theme foodcourt

Posted in japanese food,singapore by chrisau on June 11, 2009

I was amazed that there’s a foodcourt which only sells japanese food at the newly renovated and expanded Northpoint Shopping centre in Singapore.  It’s call Ishi Mura, and there were various stalls which sell donburi (Japanese rice), Japanese pizza, Ramen, Bento, sushi/sashimi, rice burgers and etc.


Quite a nice place to be around. It’s nicely renovated, clean and presentable and the food are not as expensive as actual Japanese restaurant. Anyway, it can be very crowded during the peak hours.


Another view of the foodcourt. It was quite late then, thus the place is less crowded.


This is what I had for dinner cum supper. Teriyaki chicken donburi cooked in hot pot which produces crackling sound. You have to stir it quick else the rice, chicken and egg may get overcooked and burned. Very appetising, especially I was hungry then.

Ishi Mura is located at #03-47/50, Northpoint Shopping Centre.

Dinner@Pavillion foodcourt

Posted in food,KL,malaysia by chrisau on June 7, 2009

This is my first time to Pavillion and I would say that it’s a very nice and decent mall to shop. Another great addition to the shopping haven in KL.


I didn’t buy anything but still gotta makan and thus, together with my relatives, we hit the food court. It was really one of the nicest food courts I’ve ever visited and I guess it’s the best in Malaysia. But….. well, the food over there not cheap. In fact, it’s very expensive as compared to most of the food courts in other malls!


Well, one of the ‘booths’ over there… and selling Ipoh stuffs! 🙂


This is what I had, a Viet Beef noodle which cost around RM12 per bowl. It comes together with the below ‘dim sum’…which I’ve forgotten the name. It tasted minty when you chew on it ..thus, I assume peppermint leaves are added. The beef noodle tasted good and it’s quite a big bowl.


After dinner, we strolled around the open pathway along the corridors of the mall which featured a lot of bistros. You can find great places for beer or coffee while enjoying a live football match. Below is the entrance to the mall.


Another shot of the entrance…it’s almost closing then.



Enjoying taking night pictures outside of the mall…snapping  to the left and right, much to my satisfaction. 🙂


It’s really happening over there at night…. it was crowded and party-like atmosphere!


Another shot….. before we hit home.

Night shots of Petronas twin tower

Posted in KL,malaysia by chrisau on June 4, 2009

I was in KL over the last weekend and I achieved one of my goals  – to snap at the KLCC Petronas Twin Towers at night. The towers were so lit up on that night and it was so bright and illuminating!! Enjoy the pictures, all are taken with my new Canon Powershot SX110 IS.


My favourite and best shot of the night!


Thanks to my 10x zoom, I manage to go ‘near’ the towers. 🙂


I love this shot too, zooming in on the bridge. Seems like very near, right? Maybe I should take a shot from the bridge next time.


Another view of the towers ….. from the ground. The skies are clear and the lights are bright. What a perfect night to snap at the towers!


A majestic piece of  architecture wonder! opps… my neck still ok…


Taken earlier of the day at Times Square, 10th level.


Another shot from 1oth level at times square.  I once admired this Amoda building a decade ago cos it housed some famous organisations.


Skyline of KL – old and new creations  in a concrete jungle. 😛


Looking down to a lorong at Sg Wang Plaza from Times Sq. Look at the bustling traffic!