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Japanese theme foodcourt

Posted in japanese food,singapore by chrisau on June 11, 2009

I was amazed that there’s a foodcourt which only sells japanese food at the newly renovated and expanded Northpoint Shopping centre in Singapore.  It’s call Ishi Mura, and there were various stalls which sell donburi (Japanese rice), Japanese pizza, Ramen, Bento, sushi/sashimi, rice burgers and etc.


Quite a nice place to be around. It’s nicely renovated, clean and presentable and the food are not as expensive as actual Japanese restaurant. Anyway, it can be very crowded during the peak hours.


Another view of the foodcourt. It was quite late then, thus the place is less crowded.


This is what I had for dinner cum supper. Teriyaki chicken donburi cooked in hot pot which produces crackling sound. You have to stir it quick else the rice, chicken and egg may get overcooked and burned. Very appetising, especially I was hungry then.

Ishi Mura is located at #03-47/50, Northpoint Shopping Centre.


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  1. I never heard a Japanese food court before. Nice discovery

  2. claire said,

    wow…fernie would love that…she just adores eating japanese food…

  3. meryl said,

    wow. looks good…yumyum. wonder if you are gaining weight now? hehe

    me i am gaining weight..lolz. hehe

  4. jen said,

    japanese food!! my all time favorite =P you didn’t try other things meh?

  5. amiable amy said,

    I transferred your name in the Daddy Blog List. Looking for food that is why I came for a visit…LOL! That looks yummy to me.

  6. meryl said,

    hi chrisau, have a great day..

  7. vivian said,

    Aiyo..japanese food..my favourite la…

  8. amiable amy said,

    http://www.amiableamy.com/2009/06/i-will-be-here.html that is the link that I mentioned 6 of you : Happy Fathers Day…
    check it out…
    visiting here today

  9. chrisau said,

    bf – yeah , dat was my first time too.
    claire – bring her here!
    meryl – lol .. i did lots of work outs 🙂
    jen – slowly….i try other stuffs next time
    amy – thanks for the Father’s day wishes 🙂
    Vivian – and this is a foodcourt of japanese stuffs 🙂

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