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Tanjung Piai – Southern most tip in mainland Asia

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on July 30, 2009

It’s a dream to come to this place – Tanjung Piai, which is near the well-known Kukup fishing village. I read about this place before and it’s great to finally have visited the southern most point of Asia (though there’s a dispute with Singapore’s Sentosa Island but I thought the latter is a bit too artificial as it was linked by causeways)! This huge rock greeted you when you reach the park! It’s located at 90km south of Johor Bahru’s city centre and Tanjung Piai’s natural wonders have been gazzetted into a National Park.

Picture 010

You need to buy tickets to enter the site and it’s Rm3 for Malaysians and RM5 for foreigners.  This place is actually a mangrove and you can see various types of animals’ habitats here like wild birds (great site for birds sighting), mud-skippers (fish that lives on land and sea), monkeys and etc.  Below is one of the signboards when you’re in. No worries, there’s a walking pathway thus you don’t have to walk through the jungle but do wear comfortable shoes and proper clothing.

Picture 028

Here’s a signboard congratulating you that you are stepping on the southern most tip of Asia. 🙂 Do remember to take pictures of yourself with the signboard here!!

Picture 029

Trails of mud-skippers …. I had a hard time finding them and then suddenly, I saw a lot of them. Their eyes are really big!! They usually lived in mangrove swamps, which is their habitats.

Picture 033

I love this direction post, it tells the distance of each city from here.

Picture 038

There’s a long bridge to reach far out to the sea (as below). The below is taken at the end of the bridge. Notice the vast mangroves behind.

Picture 040

Over at the cape, you will be surprise to find that your mobile phone keeps roaming to Singapore’s mobile and later, to indonesia’s operators. In fact, this place is very near to the islands of Indonesia and Singapore. Below is a picture of nearby Singapore’s Jurong Island.

Picture 027

And, here’s one of the isles of Indonesia.

Picture 002

This is perhaps a great place to view sunsets.

Picture 039

One of my treasured pics…. the sun setting on the edge of mainland Asia.

Picture 003

More information can be located here.



Posted in malaysia,plastic models by chrisau on July 20, 2009
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This is one of the models that I badly wanted to built, after seeing a scale model of it back in 2003. I thought it’s very difficult to find it until one of my friends saw it somewhere and alerted me! Yeah, this is  X-Wing  from the first (1977) Star Wars movie, Episode IV- A New Hope, as well as the remaining sequels in the original trilogy.


This is not cheap, having bought this for almost S$50, where typical Tamiya plane models cost around S$40 plus at 1/48 scales. This one is 1/72 scale but it’s not really that small as it’s size is almost of a WW2 fighter in 1/48 scale. Below are the parts for the model. Some of it are probably one of the tiniest I’ve ever worked on, especially the R2-D2 android.It’s so small that I have problems sticking the decals on it.


Since this is a Japanese product, the instructions are in Japanese and I had a hard time trying to figure out the guide as well as recommended colours. Luckily, there are lots of references on the Internet from hobbyists who have completed the model and kind enough to post their experiences.


Here’s the front part of the fighter. I’ve painted the cockpit and the above engines with a flat black and spray R2-D2 with gloss aluminium. I did some research in trying to determine the colour of the body which I thought it shouldn’t be too light (white), thus I settled down with two layers of spray paint – light grey(Tamiya AS16) on top of another light grey (AS2). The mixed of both colours offered some very slight glossy effect.


These are the completed wings. It’s not that difficult to build it but then, as I mentioned before, I’ve problems understanding the instructions and it took me a while. The two wings needed to be attached together.


The wings as seen from the back…..


….and front. The two wings are not supposed to be glued as the wings can be opened (attack mode) and closed (normal mode).


I cut short some of the development work and here’s the almost completed model , without the decal and waiting for some touch-up of the paint. Notice the four long torpedo launchers sticking out from the wing.


The pilot (which is Luke Skywalker), is not that tough to paint though it’s quite tiny. I gotta use a very a thin brush and paint with a combination of colours – Orange (Tamiya X6) for the uniform, medium grey (XF20) for the vest and light grey(AS16) for the helmet.


And below, the decals applied and I also did some ‘weathering’. There are four sets of decals to match the different modes (red1, red2, red5) of the model. I chose the less complicated one – red5 but modified it by adding extra decals from other modes.


Then to make it realistic …since the x-wing belongs to the rebel alliances and it supposed to look dirty….I experiment with the ‘dirtying’ or weathering by using a combination of thinner (to wear off some colours) and black, brown paints.


It was not easy with the weathering and I’ve to refer back to the guides on the internet as well as getting other’s opinions.


Here’s more shots of the model…


I guess the 1/48 scale model (around S$100) would be a great beauty with its size but that’s a bit expensive for a model, to me. :p


A closer look at R2-D2 and the pilot.


Next…..probably get the Tie Fighter or Darth Vader’s Interceptor, to match with the X-Wing. 🙂

Sizzler Restaurant

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Hi everyone!! I’m back after taken a short break from blogging. I was kinda busy and was sick  too( thank God it’s not a flu..) , thus decided to rest and relax! Btw, check out Sizzler restaurant, which has been in Singapore for almost a decade more. There used to be a couple of branches but it seems to close down and left only two – in  Toa Payoh and Suntec City. I usually patronised the Orchard branch many years ago, especially during lunch on fridays!!


They have a salad bar which offers all sorts of veggies, soup, ice-cream and fruits and it’s eat-all-you-can buffet style. Usually, the salad bar comes free if you order their main meals  like sirloin steak, grilled salmon,chicken chop and etc. Ok, as below is my own decoration of salad….nice right? 😛


Here’s what I picked – sirloin steak. The steak is done medium rare and the meat was very tender. It comes together with fries and mushroom sauce. It was great!!!


Another serving of salad in One thousand Island sauce ….to balance my meat intake …:)


After having some fruits which also available at the salad bar, I helped myself to the ice-cream bar. There were vanilla, chocolate or a mix of both flavours and you can mixed with a varity of syrup available at the bar with sprinkles of nuts, raisins and etc. It’s buffet, so you can have as many scoops as you can. 🙂


A view of the salad bar as below.


I was so full after the meal and probably will take a while to check out another buffet meal.